Finals Should Not Exist

30 Apr

    So I was going to edit my previous post, because when I got back from bible study last night I realized how disjointed it was. Sorry about that.  But then I realized that if I did that I would spend far too much time trying to fix it and as soon as I had finished I would realize something else that I wanted to say and this cycle would just go on and on and on. So you know what I am going to do? I am going to let it sit.   And I am going to be okay with it being imperfect. 

Moving forward.  Grad School + Finals Week = Bad Eating Decisions.  

This week I finish my first year of graduate school! Woohoo! The problem with this? These past two weeks have done nothing to help my eating decisions.  With several projects, papers, presentations and final exams leaves little time for healthy eating. All of this work has led to incessant snacking and eating whatever I could.  

However I had been feeling pretty good about myself, I ran in a 10k this past weekend (the furthest I have ever ran) and a 5k the week before that, and something called the Great Urban Race the week before that (more on that for another day).  I mean I am a decently active person.  Growing up I played sports year round from the time I was 5 to when I graduated high school and even then I played every intramural sport possible in undergrad and now in grad school. So how could I be the “athletic” one ( I was runner up for the most athletic superlative my senior year in high school) and still be one of the larger girls?

Enough flashback for now, and back to what I was saying before I rambled on.  I had been feeling pretty good about myself but then I stepped on the scale last night and saw that I was the heaviest I had been in awhile and worried that I was on a slippery slope towards being my heaviest ever. Granted I haven’t gained that that much, but to a female anytime the needle on the scale begins to budge to the right instead of the left (or up instead of down in the case of electronic scales) can be a disheartening blow.

Part of this could be that I suffered from the fallacy yet again thinking that because I was more active then I could eat more and really overestimated the amount of calories I had burned. Most of it though I would want to contribute to finals week.

Let me just tell you how finals has messed with me today alone.  I got up this morning originally planning to go on a short run, do a bit of last minute studying and then go to campus and take my exam.  What actually happens: I get up, do some studying, realize the time and worry that I am going to be late ( I like to get places early so I can have a chance to chill before exams or classes) and then rush off to campus,  The time I thought it was when I left for school? 7:30 – the time I usually leave for class.  The time it actually was but I didn’t realize until I was parked on campus? 6:30. Plenty of time if I were still at home where I could have went on a run, showered, and studied more before going to campus.

Ironically enough as of last night the amount of weight that I would like to lose to get to my ideal goal weight equals that of how much my dog Charlie weighs.  It seems fitting that this blog which its title was taken from my dog and will contain alot about my dog further involves my dog.  But its not just about the dog. It is also about me.

My name is Holley and I want to lose the dog with the broken ear.

(P.S. I was going to add a story about my pup but then realized how long this post was already getting so I figured I would spare your eyes and brains from reading it all, just this once. Instead I will leave you with this picture of him the day I first got him over just over 1.5 years ago)




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