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HashTag Streakathon

31 May
So remember a few days ago when I said I was going to explain Juneathon as well as something else that I have started doing? Well you are in luck because this is the post that is here to explain all.
So first we will Start with Juneathon (you can check out the link here).  Basically it is Run/exercise everyday in the month of June and to blog about it within 24 hrs.
On the website you can see everyone who is participating (which is a lot of people) so check out their blogs and ive ’em some support!
Here is the fun little logo that goes with it as being a participant:
 Juneathon dude logo
I’ll try to include this on my Juneathon posts and maybe figure out how to add another tab to organize them all in.
So this other thing that I have decided to do is the Runner’s World Running Streak.  This streak is to run a minimum of 1 mile everyday from Memorial Day (this past Monday) to Independence Day (July 4).  So far I have been able to keep my streak up!! 
This one also has a fun little participants badge here:
This one is a little less formal (although Juneathon isn’t that formal itself) because there isn’t really an official sign-up sheet anywhere. Instead head on over to twitter and find the hashtag #RWrunStreak and see everyone who has tweeted about it.
Now can you see how nicely they go together? Also what has been awesome is that I have gotten several new followers/people to follow already on twitter (and on blogs) because of these two events.  Its pretty awesome that the majority of people I follow are runners so it definitely helps with the motivation and encouragement.  
Just think before FMRMC I only had like 3 tweets on twitter (and they were only there to enter a contest or two) now less than 1 month in I already have over 100 tweets and my obsessive personality has kicked in as I check it every 5 minutes. lol. 
So here is my plan with my HashTag Streakathon (now do you understand the title of this post?)
1. Run everyday (duh otherwise I would clearly be breaking both things)
2. Blog Everyday (surprise you get to hear more from lil I mean big ol’ me)
3. Have a plan for my runs.
   This is going to consist of a mixture of several things.  
           A. 1-2 mile easy run
           B. 1 mile interval/try to improve time run
           C. Long Run/walk to increase the distance I cover
           D. A run without any technology
           E. Plenty of dog walks
So I plan on rotating plans A-D accordingly depending on the time I have,etc. Primarily C will most likely be on weekends since that is when I will have more time.  I also plan to incorporate walking with the pup in addition to the runs.  Right now I am going to do them when I can but when my squats are over with in about 1.5 weeks (can you believe it!!!) I will replace them by walking longer in the morning.
My runs lately have been in the evening time so I figure that would be a good mix of walk in the A.M. run in the evening.  Although I am going to try to run in the morning the next few days or so because my 5k is set for 7:30 in the morning.
No I still have no idea why wordpress decided to remove my formatting and spacing (when it is clearly there on my edit view) and I really hope that it does not happen on this post but who knows.
So that’s my plans. Feel free to cheer me and the other participants on. Juneathon officially begins tomorrow!
My Name is Holley and I am going to post a blog post everyday for the next month (so get ready)

FMRMC 2 Week Recap

29 May
     To start off, I reckon by now you have caught on to the fact that I like clever (at least they are to me) blog titles so that is just one quirk you are just going to have to live with (your lucky I spared you with this one).
     I’m just over the 2 week mark since starting the FMRMC. Today was a whopping total of 150 squats! This morning my legs just weren’t in the mood to get their squat on (just as they weren’t took keen to get their run on yesterday, but I made them anyways) but I powered through and have done over 1,000 squats since I started this challenge!  That’s a whole lot of squat!
     With May coming to a close my first “month” (we didn’t start at the beginning of the month) has been flying by.So lets recap my challenges/assignments so far:
 1. 30 day Squat Challenge
     As just mentioned the squats have been going pretty well. Today really was the first time  I didn’t really want to do them but I think it was mainly because I was tired and my legs were sore and all of these other things.  So today was 150 and in less than 2 weeks I will be up to 250!! I’m thinking about once this is over either repeating it in its entirety again in July (squat break for the second half of June)
doing it on a smaller scale except for doing squats on 1 leg.  I saw online that doing that helps to work on your balance and core muscles so I figure I would have to scale it down a touch in order to really focus on balancing.
 2. 2 mile baseline
     This part was has been going well for me as most of my runs have been generally between 1-2.6 miles.  I also normally take the pup anywhere from .5-2 mile walk and have been getting pretty consistent with doing that on top of running. (The plus side is that he is normally worn out for a bit after our walks so it gives me time to do stuff or put him up without feeling guilty).
 3. Timed 5k
       If you read my last post Goddess of Victory Augmented you will have already known as this challenge went for me. (New PR baby!!) So if you have a minute go back and read that post and it will give you a little more info so I don’t have to bore you with it here. (I apologize that it is a little short and disjointed, as mentioned I was slightly distracted by Netflix at the time but still needed to get my post up.)
This week I also received my challenges for the Month of June. They are as follows.
  1. Juneathon
     Basically this is entails exercising and blogging everyday of June.  I’ll give you a little more detail in another blog post in the next day or two along with something else I decided to do that works in nicely with this.
  2.  Eat Clean
     Choose Whole food and look to eliminate/minimize processed foods
     Choose unrefined over refined foods
     etc. (there were 5 more points to this but most of them are fairly easy as I have somewhat implemented them).
   Okay so I get the email and I read this about clean eating and I already start making up excuses as to why I can’t do it. Which IS NOT WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING!! I should have automatically accepted this challenge for what it was a challenge and zip my mouth and go with it.  I sent Julie our leader and organizer of this challenge an obnoxiously long email part of which included some of my reasons why I couldnt do it properly. “I’m a grad student on a grad student budget” , “my internship hours demand me to sometimes get the quick and easy food”, “i live alone and can’t get alot of fresh groceries without them going bad”, etc.  They kept rolling on.  Then I realized that I just need to get over it.  I am going to try my hardest and make the changes where I can and where applicable. Not drinking your calories is easy since I gave up soda almost two years ago.  Maybe I can find some quick and easy crockpot recipies that will provide me with healthy clean food that makes alot that I can freeze or something.  Either way I am going to make it work.
  3. 5k Run
       Work on improving over the last time (while I don’t think I will improve my time just getting more in shape so the run becomes easier and easier is my goal)
My name is Holley and I have done over 1,000 squats in the past 16 days!!!
 ******Note: I have no idea why wordpress decided to take out all of the formatting that I put into this post. I promise there was formatting and looping to get this issue correct****************

Goddess of Victory Augmented (<— Another way to say Nike+)

28 May

Guess What!?! Guess What!?!! I made a new PR for 5k run!!! Sat I was at my grandmothers for Memorial Day Weekend and decided to go out for a run at the track/trail that is near her house.  It’s a nice little trail in one big 1/2 mile loop part of it in a woody area part of it open air by the playground and since it is a really small town it isn’t ever too busy which is a plus.  Anyways I we+nt running and was feeling pretty good about my run.  Every 1/2 lap to lap I gave myself a little pep talk and convince myself to push a little further.  Before I new it I had convinced myself to run 2.5 miles!

As part of the May challenge/assignments for the FattyMustRunMarathonChallenge I needed to do a timed 5k trial by the end of the month.  I originally was planning on doing it this coming weekend but as I was running I thought to myself, “Well self You have already made it 2.5 miles only .6 miles to go to reach that 5k” and since I was using my iphone and handy dandy Nike+ app I would know exactly when I had run that distance. So I did. I pushed it and ran a 5k in (drumroll please) 26:47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the excessive exclamations but I jut couldn’t contain my excitement.  I was literally on cloud 9 when I finished. It has been one of my goals to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. And I honestly didn’t think that I would reach this goal for a loooong time.  My previous PR was 31:12 at a race last summer.  Next week I’m running in an official race and will get a time for that. I doubt that I will make anything close to this time (combo of right temp, right track , right day etc) but I know for sure that I have it in my.  I was so excited after my run that when I made it back to the house instead of telling my parents my time I shoved my phone (that had the time pace, etc) in their face to let them see it for themselves.

I’ve got some other news about how my FMRMC is going and the next assignment/challenges for the next month and some other stuff I am doing but I am currently distracted by Netflix at the moment and watching Supernatural in order to put it into this post. lol I know I need to get my priorities straight.


My name is Holley and I ran a 5k in under 30 minutes!!!!

5:30 is early no matter what time it is

22 May

So I had every intention this morning to get up bright and early and do a repeat of yesterday. Yet when I woke up this morning I remember how early 5:30 was! So I mixed it up and slept in an hour later did my squats but instead of a walk with the pup decided to read and relax instead. My new plan now is to do the 5:30 (or earlier) adventure every other day during the week.  This will allow me to not burn out with early rising and help to mix up the schedule a bit.

Tomorrow will now be another early day…

Squats are still going strong tomorrow is 110 and then another rest day.  It actually hasn’t been too bad doing them yet. I think its because I get them done right after I eat breakfast so I’m still not fully awake and I can distract myself by watching some t.v.  If I had left them till later in the day I’m sure it would be alot worse because I would have gone through my entire day and then have to do those wonderful squats.

Today was a long day, Wed and Thurs I work 9-5 and with a big deadline today there was alot to do to make sure that was everything was done, complete, accurate and in the right format.  So when I got home I felt guilty for leaving the boy up in his kennel all day so I figured I would just hang out at home.  We went on a walk where he surprisingly walked really well (he is a huge puller so I have to use an easy lead but it still bothers him sometimes) and I managed to convince him to walk 2 full miles straight instead of our 1-1.5 miles that we usually do on a walk.

They best thing about walks is that he is normally worn out for a good while afterwards.  He will pass out on the tile on in his bed and just veg out which allows me to get things done (or write this blog for example).  Although today he seems a little more moving about so I wonder if I can get him to go a little further, eh? I’m going to gradually try and increase his walk length over the summer.  Running probably isn’t the best option for him because he honestly does not know how to pace himself. I think I have mentioned this before but if not he tends to go from 0-60 with nothing in between.  He then gets bored of running or worn out and would rather track something down or stare at the horses that are penned up across the street.

I figured I wouldn’t go on my run today to give my legs a little bit of a rest and so I wouldn’t have to put the boy up again.  He gets into anything and everything so every time I leave the house I have to put him up in his kennel. (We did the same with our old dog even though he probably could have been left out). Instead I plan on playing on the Wii some more, after this episode of Supernatural that I am watching on Netflix is over, hitting it up with some Wii fit/sports and maybe some Just Dance? I plan on logging a minimum of 30 minutes of moment (no half-playing it here).  And let me tell you that 10 minutes of Hula-hooping on Wii-Fit is pretty intense!

Side Note: I managed to successful do a sock bun today! You know the one thats all over the internet that you use a sock for? Well I did it and I rocked it at work today!

My name is Holley an I am the owner one worn out dog with a broken ear.

All in A Day’s Run

21 May

Oh what a day it has been. Today I managed to get up and out of bed (With minimal hitting of the snooze button I may add) at the early time of 5:30 AM.  Here’s the kicker, I didn’t have to be at work until 9 and it only takes me about 5-7 minutes to drive to work. So what did I do with this time?

Well let me tell you. So I got up this morning and fed the pup. While he was outside on his tether attached to the ottoman (I don’t have a fenced in yard remember?) doing his business and enjoying the morning (he likes to sit out in the sun) I did my 100 squats for the morning. 1 week in to the challenge and 3 more togo! I’ve just been doing my squats all in one go taking them nice and easy.  I may have to start splitting them up soon for a couple of reasons.

1. I get a little bored doing that many squats in a row

2.  Because I get bored and for other reasons I’m pretty sure I’m going to start losing count.  My mind will start to wander and before    you know it I will either have done squat #87 for the fifth time or accidentally skip over squats 102 and 103.

Anyways back to my day. So I did my squats then grabbed the boy and we went on a nice and easy 1.5 mile walk. I let him stop and sniff whatever he wanted and we meandered for while.  When I got back I was planning on going for a run but because we took a longer walk than planned I decided to go ahead and take my shower and then read for awhile before getting ready for work.

So I went to my internship and today was pretty busy because we have a big deadline for the Alabama Launchpad competition coming up tomorrow.   So that helped to quicken the day, that and the fact that that they had a luncheon for the interns and leaving students today may have helped a bit.

So I get back from work ate dinner, fed the pup, watched a little bit of this t.v. show called Faceoff (its about t.v./movie makeup artist competition not some grotesque beauty show) and then me and the pup went for another 1.5 mile walk.  Came back to the apartment and the boy was exhausted and passed out in the entryway.  I gave him a few minutes then put him in his kennel and went for a 2 mile run myself.

The problem these days is that it is getting hotter and hotter so I’m left with either running early in the morning and just around sunset (which is hard to time if I am busy, plus I don’t want to out running in the dark). So with work and everything I have to make sure I get my run/exercise in early if I plan on doing anything with friends in the evening at all.  Its not even “officially” summer yet, according to the weatherman at least, but I reckon mother nature decided to get a jump start on things.  To top it all off, when I was at the gym at school this Spring I specifically asked one of the staff if I would be able to use the gym even if I was not enrolled in summer classes over the summer (my undergrad didn’t let you) and she said yes (I even asked her again to clarify). Well I asked campus rec via their facebook page and they responded and told me I couldn’t 😦 So I’m pretty much left with the ol’ outdoors for my gym equipment.  I thought about joining a gym (particularly a kickboxing one that has tickled my fancy) but most around here are kinda expensive or you have to have a long contract and as a grad student I’m using my summer work to pay off some of my student loans and then for a trip I am taking in August and don’t think I can spare it on the gym.

So I get back from my run played a few rounds of tennis and bowling on the wii and now sit here writing this post.  Not to shabby for a days events.

I reckon I will just leave this as a summary of the day for now because my mind completely blanked at the rest of what I was planning to say (typical right?).

My name is Holley and I will not let summer ruin my exercise plans.


Squat Till You Can’t Squat No More

19 May

So I obviously fell 1 post shy this past week of making my self-imposed quota of 3 posts per week.  I decided that I needed to do something about it, else down the line I my posts would become so infrequent until they no longer exist, that kinda happened with my cooking blog I had awhile back that I am hoping to revive sometime soon.

So I needed a “punishment” something that I didn’t really want to do but had to do because I didn’t reach my goal. This go around I decided on something that while I didn’t want to do it  would also be beneficial to me. As you now know I have been doing the 30 day squat challenge where you start off with 50 squats and by the end of 30 days do 250. I am about a week in so today’s squats were 80 in number.  I have been trying to get these squats over in the morning before I start my day and head to my internship or where ever.  This morning I was able to get my squats done before I headed off to Church. My decided punishment  was to completely redo today’s squats.  Thats right today I have done 160 squats! 

This should hopefully keep me motivated to ensure that I get my blog posts in because if I had to do that next week that would lead to over 200 squats and I really don’t want to do that unless I have too.  

On another note I just found out that apparently the race I was wanting to do next weekend has been capped out. 😦 My mom was going to sign me up for it because at the time they didn’t have it online and since I wasn’t going to be in town until the day of the race (basically) she was going to do it. But apparently she had asked my brother if he also wanted to do it (he is more of a runner than I am) and he took his sweet time deciding so the race capped out.   I was totally looking to running this race because I did it 2 years ago and was looking to improve my time.  Also this race is pretty cool because it is on an Air Force Base on Memorial day.  All of the runners receive a flower (fake I believe) and about 1/2 mile into the race everyone places their flower at a memorial for all of the fallen soldiers while someone is there playing the bagpipes (I think). Its pretty cool.


 Hopefully I can find another race in the sameish area for that weekend instead.


My name is Holley and I really hope I do not have to do n insane amount of squats next time.

Dog Parks are a Girl’s Best Friend

18 May

Yes Dog Parks and not Diamonds. When you have a hyper pup and live in an apartment with no fenced in yard and a walk just doesn’t cut it what’s a girl to do? Go to the dog park of course!

The dog park is a glorious thing. It wears my bundle of joy down so that for at least a few hours he is passed out in his bed and I can get some stuff done! Although I have had a few rough moments at the park from aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners for the most part the park is very helpful in keeping me sane.  Charlie gets to run around off leash in a huge fenced in area and gets to play with the other dogs and run and chase to his hearts content.

This past Monday however I learned a thing or two about  the park to not do again.  I went to the park twice this past Monday once early in the day and the other time in the evening after work.  From this experience I now know that if no one is at the park then the boy should go in the small dog fence because otherwise it will take me an additional 30 minutes past the time I’m ready to leave in order to rangle him out of there.  He decided he didn’t want to leave when I wanted to and every time I got close to him he would run to the opposite end of the park, I was almost able to trick him by going outside the gate with my back towards him and he came close but not close enough.  Of course when I finally gave up and went and sat on the bench he came up to me and sat beside me as if to say “ok we can go now.”

Sidebar: I’ve been doing the 30 day squat challenge for several days now, tomorrow is 80 squats! Also I’ve been walking/running more this past week when I have time and yesterday I ran 2 miles in 17:43 with an average pace nearly 1 minute faster than my usual pace! WooHoo! Now I know that I wouldn’t be able to sustain that pace much past two miles but for most of that run it was actually really easy.  Need to get running a little more though to prep for the 4.4 mile race (which I need to double check that I am signed up) coming up on Memorial Day.  I haven’t been training like I should have though unfortunately.  After my 10k I was home for a week and then visiting friends and then starting my internship and then not feeling well for a bit so my schedule has been all over the place.  It was supposed to storm all day but it actually looks like its clearing up some so maybe I can actually get a run in today, else its going to be Wii Fit for the win!

My Name is Holley and I love whoever invented dog parks.