A Corresponding State

11 May

So recently I had two not so nice things happen in my life.  

The first is that I found out my 17 (or 18 year old we aren’t too sure) cat is now completely blind and may not regain her sight.

The second is that a wonderful, young and always smiling young woman that I went to high school with passed away last week and was laid to rest two days ago.  Victoria was a wonderful person and I graduated high school with her sister with her being two years behind us.  She was only 21 and I will always, always remember her beautiful smile, that you could find on her face 99% of  the time.  I don’t think it has really sunk in, I unfortunately was not able to go to the funeral because I had to start my summer internship four hours away.

Its these events in my life that made me realize just how short life is and how we must appreciate every day and every breath that is given to us.  This makes me want to live more and push harder and greater appreciate everything that is in my life.

In my head I had this beautifully written post that I was going to write but when I got down to sit at my computer it just won’t all come out.

So this will yet again be another shorter post. I took this picture of Victoria from facebook Copyright © 2012 Chris DeAngelis



My name is Holley and this if for Victoria 


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