No Real Human Children

12 May

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in the U.S.! I know in the U.K. Mother’s Day was in March (but you deserve a second day as well!) while let me tell you through me for a loop.

I was in Ireland for a school trip/vacation and was there over their Mother’s Day.  All I saw were signs/ads for Mother’s Day and hearing people talking about going home for Mother’s Day so in my head I thought oh I guess its Mother’s Day.  It didnt even occur to me that other countries may celebrate Mother’s Day on a different day (let alone Month). As soon as I realized that it wasn’t the same date as the holiday here I was so confused.

To top it all off the day that everyone left back for the U.S. while I left to meet my parents for  the vacation part of my trip to start in London was Day Light’s Savings Time in the U.S. Upon skyping my parents I reminded them about the time change and how it would be an hour later so that they would be on time to meet me at the airport. Come to find out Daylight Savings Time didn’t occur in the U.K. until the end of the month. I was one confused person that day.

Anyhow while I am not a mother to an actual human being child I am a proud mother of a wonderful, crazy “furr-child” (my pup), whom I treat like an actual child and he is my baby. So I’m planning on buying myself some tulips or other flowers 🙂 I was tempted to get some the other day but when I was at the store they didn’t any good looking ones.  

So on to my day today:

 I went to church this morning and thought that I was running later than usual, my car clock is messed up right now and I didn’t have my watch on me. So I run up to church and walk in only to find out that I was crazy early and had walked in during the last few minutes of the early service that goes on before the service that I go to. Go Figure.

I took the pup to the dog park where as usual he thought he was bigger than he was and tried to play with some of the BIG dogs which ended up with him getting overwhelmed when they all tried to play with him at once, really he put it on himself.  He is perfectly fine chasing after the other dogs but when they decide to chase him, he doesn’t really like it, yet he normal instigates the initial play (and he wonders why he gets overwhelmed) .  I was going to go running/ some sort of exercise after the park but realized that I once I got back to the apt I would only have 1/2 hour until the season finale of Once Upon A Time  (and I really wanted to watch that).  So instead I went home and remembered that ABC Family had been having a Harry Potter marathon this weekend so with the time I had I decided to do some of the “Harry Potter workout” that you see on Pinterest and Facebook.

You know : 10 jumping jacks every time a spell is cast, 20 bicycle kicks everytime someone says Voldemort, etc.

I only did it for about 30 minutes because as I said I was waiting for the Once finale.  But it was pretty cool. Especially since I love Harry Potter, I practically grew up with it. I was about 11 or so when the first movie came out and “aged” at the same time as the stars and the characters. I can see how it would had been a crazy workout if I done it for the whole movie as the movie I was watching had a big scene coming up where spells are casts every few seconds. That is a whole lot of jumping jacks!

Tomorrow is the start of the fatty must run marathon challenge.  You can check out the fearless leader/organizer of the challenge at (I think this is how I link it to her blog correctly but I’m not that sure)

For the month of May we are to: Run/Walk/Crawl 2 miles, do a timed 5k and a 30 day squat challenge.  Which by the end of 30 days will result in over 4500 squats being performed (I’m hurting just thinking about it!)

I don’t go into my internship until noon tomorrow so I’m going to try and knock out the 50 squats and put in a long walk with the pup before I go in.

My name is Holley and I am going to have legs of steel after all of these squats.


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