Dog Parks are a Girl’s Best Friend

18 May

Yes Dog Parks and not Diamonds. When you have a hyper pup and live in an apartment with no fenced in yard and a walk just doesn’t cut it what’s a girl to do? Go to the dog park of course!

The dog park is a glorious thing. It wears my bundle of joy down so that for at least a few hours he is passed out in his bed and I can get some stuff done! Although I have had a few rough moments at the park from aggressive dogs and irresponsible owners for the most part the park is very helpful in keeping me sane.  Charlie gets to run around off leash in a huge fenced in area and gets to play with the other dogs and run and chase to his hearts content.

This past Monday however I learned a thing or two about  the park to not do again.  I went to the park twice this past Monday once early in the day and the other time in the evening after work.  From this experience I now know that if no one is at the park then the boy should go in the small dog fence because otherwise it will take me an additional 30 minutes past the time I’m ready to leave in order to rangle him out of there.  He decided he didn’t want to leave when I wanted to and every time I got close to him he would run to the opposite end of the park, I was almost able to trick him by going outside the gate with my back towards him and he came close but not close enough.  Of course when I finally gave up and went and sat on the bench he came up to me and sat beside me as if to say “ok we can go now.”

Sidebar: I’ve been doing the 30 day squat challenge for several days now, tomorrow is 80 squats! Also I’ve been walking/running more this past week when I have time and yesterday I ran 2 miles in 17:43 with an average pace nearly 1 minute faster than my usual pace! WooHoo! Now I know that I wouldn’t be able to sustain that pace much past two miles but for most of that run it was actually really easy.  Need to get running a little more though to prep for the 4.4 mile race (which I need to double check that I am signed up) coming up on Memorial Day.  I haven’t been training like I should have though unfortunately.  After my 10k I was home for a week and then visiting friends and then starting my internship and then not feeling well for a bit so my schedule has been all over the place.  It was supposed to storm all day but it actually looks like its clearing up some so maybe I can actually get a run in today, else its going to be Wii Fit for the win!

My Name is Holley and I love whoever invented dog parks.



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