All in A Day’s Run

21 May

Oh what a day it has been. Today I managed to get up and out of bed (With minimal hitting of the snooze button I may add) at the early time of 5:30 AM.  Here’s the kicker, I didn’t have to be at work until 9 and it only takes me about 5-7 minutes to drive to work. So what did I do with this time?

Well let me tell you. So I got up this morning and fed the pup. While he was outside on his tether attached to the ottoman (I don’t have a fenced in yard remember?) doing his business and enjoying the morning (he likes to sit out in the sun) I did my 100 squats for the morning. 1 week in to the challenge and 3 more togo! I’ve just been doing my squats all in one go taking them nice and easy.  I may have to start splitting them up soon for a couple of reasons.

1. I get a little bored doing that many squats in a row

2.  Because I get bored and for other reasons I’m pretty sure I’m going to start losing count.  My mind will start to wander and before    you know it I will either have done squat #87 for the fifth time or accidentally skip over squats 102 and 103.

Anyways back to my day. So I did my squats then grabbed the boy and we went on a nice and easy 1.5 mile walk. I let him stop and sniff whatever he wanted and we meandered for while.  When I got back I was planning on going for a run but because we took a longer walk than planned I decided to go ahead and take my shower and then read for awhile before getting ready for work.

So I went to my internship and today was pretty busy because we have a big deadline for the Alabama Launchpad competition coming up tomorrow.   So that helped to quicken the day, that and the fact that that they had a luncheon for the interns and leaving students today may have helped a bit.

So I get back from work ate dinner, fed the pup, watched a little bit of this t.v. show called Faceoff (its about t.v./movie makeup artist competition not some grotesque beauty show) and then me and the pup went for another 1.5 mile walk.  Came back to the apartment and the boy was exhausted and passed out in the entryway.  I gave him a few minutes then put him in his kennel and went for a 2 mile run myself.

The problem these days is that it is getting hotter and hotter so I’m left with either running early in the morning and just around sunset (which is hard to time if I am busy, plus I don’t want to out running in the dark). So with work and everything I have to make sure I get my run/exercise in early if I plan on doing anything with friends in the evening at all.  Its not even “officially” summer yet, according to the weatherman at least, but I reckon mother nature decided to get a jump start on things.  To top it all off, when I was at the gym at school this Spring I specifically asked one of the staff if I would be able to use the gym even if I was not enrolled in summer classes over the summer (my undergrad didn’t let you) and she said yes (I even asked her again to clarify). Well I asked campus rec via their facebook page and they responded and told me I couldn’t 😦 So I’m pretty much left with the ol’ outdoors for my gym equipment.  I thought about joining a gym (particularly a kickboxing one that has tickled my fancy) but most around here are kinda expensive or you have to have a long contract and as a grad student I’m using my summer work to pay off some of my student loans and then for a trip I am taking in August and don’t think I can spare it on the gym.

So I get back from my run played a few rounds of tennis and bowling on the wii and now sit here writing this post.  Not to shabby for a days events.

I reckon I will just leave this as a summary of the day for now because my mind completely blanked at the rest of what I was planning to say (typical right?).

My name is Holley and I will not let summer ruin my exercise plans.



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