5:30 is early no matter what time it is

22 May

So I had every intention this morning to get up bright and early and do a repeat of yesterday. Yet when I woke up this morning I remember how early 5:30 was! So I mixed it up and slept in an hour later did my squats but instead of a walk with the pup decided to read and relax instead. My new plan now is to do the 5:30 (or earlier) adventure every other day during the week.  This will allow me to not burn out with early rising and help to mix up the schedule a bit.

Tomorrow will now be another early day…

Squats are still going strong tomorrow is 110 and then another rest day.  It actually hasn’t been too bad doing them yet. I think its because I get them done right after I eat breakfast so I’m still not fully awake and I can distract myself by watching some t.v.  If I had left them till later in the day I’m sure it would be alot worse because I would have gone through my entire day and then have to do those wonderful squats.

Today was a long day, Wed and Thurs I work 9-5 and with a big deadline today there was alot to do to make sure that was everything was done, complete, accurate and in the right format.  So when I got home I felt guilty for leaving the boy up in his kennel all day so I figured I would just hang out at home.  We went on a walk where he surprisingly walked really well (he is a huge puller so I have to use an easy lead but it still bothers him sometimes) and I managed to convince him to walk 2 full miles straight instead of our 1-1.5 miles that we usually do on a walk.

They best thing about walks is that he is normally worn out for a good while afterwards.  He will pass out on the tile on in his bed and just veg out which allows me to get things done (or write this blog for example).  Although today he seems a little more moving about so I wonder if I can get him to go a little further, eh? I’m going to gradually try and increase his walk length over the summer.  Running probably isn’t the best option for him because he honestly does not know how to pace himself. I think I have mentioned this before but if not he tends to go from 0-60 with nothing in between.  He then gets bored of running or worn out and would rather track something down or stare at the horses that are penned up across the street.

I figured I wouldn’t go on my run today to give my legs a little bit of a rest and so I wouldn’t have to put the boy up again.  He gets into anything and everything so every time I leave the house I have to put him up in his kennel. (We did the same with our old dog even though he probably could have been left out). Instead I plan on playing on the Wii some more, after this episode of Supernatural that I am watching on Netflix is over, hitting it up with some Wii fit/sports and maybe some Just Dance? I plan on logging a minimum of 30 minutes of moment (no half-playing it here).  And let me tell you that 10 minutes of Hula-hooping on Wii-Fit is pretty intense!

Side Note: I managed to successful do a sock bun today! You know the one thats all over the internet that you use a sock for? Well I did it and I rocked it at work today!

My name is Holley an I am the owner one worn out dog with a broken ear.


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