FMRMC 2 Week Recap

29 May
     To start off, I reckon by now you have caught on to the fact that I like clever (at least they are to me) blog titles so that is just one quirk you are just going to have to live with (your lucky I spared you with this one).
     I’m just over the 2 week mark since starting the FMRMC. Today was a whopping total of 150 squats! This morning my legs just weren’t in the mood to get their squat on (just as they weren’t took keen to get their run on yesterday, but I made them anyways) but I powered through and have done over 1,000 squats since I started this challenge!  That’s a whole lot of squat!
     With May coming to a close my first “month” (we didn’t start at the beginning of the month) has been flying by.So lets recap my challenges/assignments so far:
 1. 30 day Squat Challenge
     As just mentioned the squats have been going pretty well. Today really was the first time  I didn’t really want to do them but I think it was mainly because I was tired and my legs were sore and all of these other things.  So today was 150 and in less than 2 weeks I will be up to 250!! I’m thinking about once this is over either repeating it in its entirety again in July (squat break for the second half of June)
doing it on a smaller scale except for doing squats on 1 leg.  I saw online that doing that helps to work on your balance and core muscles so I figure I would have to scale it down a touch in order to really focus on balancing.
 2. 2 mile baseline
     This part was has been going well for me as most of my runs have been generally between 1-2.6 miles.  I also normally take the pup anywhere from .5-2 mile walk and have been getting pretty consistent with doing that on top of running. (The plus side is that he is normally worn out for a bit after our walks so it gives me time to do stuff or put him up without feeling guilty).
 3. Timed 5k
       If you read my last post Goddess of Victory Augmented you will have already known as this challenge went for me. (New PR baby!!) So if you have a minute go back and read that post and it will give you a little more info so I don’t have to bore you with it here. (I apologize that it is a little short and disjointed, as mentioned I was slightly distracted by Netflix at the time but still needed to get my post up.)
This week I also received my challenges for the Month of June. They are as follows.
  1. Juneathon
     Basically this is entails exercising and blogging everyday of June.  I’ll give you a little more detail in another blog post in the next day or two along with something else I decided to do that works in nicely with this.
  2.  Eat Clean
     Choose Whole food and look to eliminate/minimize processed foods
     Choose unrefined over refined foods
     etc. (there were 5 more points to this but most of them are fairly easy as I have somewhat implemented them).
   Okay so I get the email and I read this about clean eating and I already start making up excuses as to why I can’t do it. Which IS NOT WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING!! I should have automatically accepted this challenge for what it was a challenge and zip my mouth and go with it.  I sent Julie our leader and organizer of this challenge an obnoxiously long email part of which included some of my reasons why I couldnt do it properly. “I’m a grad student on a grad student budget” , “my internship hours demand me to sometimes get the quick and easy food”, “i live alone and can’t get alot of fresh groceries without them going bad”, etc.  They kept rolling on.  Then I realized that I just need to get over it.  I am going to try my hardest and make the changes where I can and where applicable. Not drinking your calories is easy since I gave up soda almost two years ago.  Maybe I can find some quick and easy crockpot recipies that will provide me with healthy clean food that makes alot that I can freeze or something.  Either way I am going to make it work.
  3. 5k Run
       Work on improving over the last time (while I don’t think I will improve my time just getting more in shape so the run becomes easier and easier is my goal)
My name is Holley and I have done over 1,000 squats in the past 16 days!!!
 ******Note: I have no idea why wordpress decided to take out all of the formatting that I put into this post. I promise there was formatting and looping to get this issue correct****************

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