Day 1 and Done!

1 Jun

(Well almost done there is still several hours left in the day).

Today marks Day 1 of Juneathon and Day 6 of RunStreak. So far I am batting at 1.00.  Today has been kinda a lazy day.  After a couple of long days at my internship it was nice just to stay at home all day.  I’ve pretty much been watching Supernatural on Netflix all day (I have a problem I know).

I also got around to doing some much needed cleaning around the apartment with plenty of cleaning to go. My problem is that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew because when I clean I go all gung-ho and gut the closets with stuff all over the bed and everything.

Well I finally decided to go on my run around 3:30 (which was probably a mistake). It looked like it was going to rain out so I wanted to get my run done before then.  So I went out and ran but it was crazy hot. I was planning on doing a long-ish easy run but was tired, sore, sweaty, etc (I know I’m complaining but at least I went out and did it right? Instead of staying in and not running at all? I’ll get over it I promise and try not to complain while I am at it.)

I also decided to take a newish route that I have only taken like one other time before.  Let me tell you it seemed like going uphill both ways and the edge of the road went into a bit of a ditch so when cars came I was basically running sideways. So I quickly turned around and headed back on part of my regular route.

I ended up running 1.60 miles and then walked an additional 1.25-1.5 miles (I turned the app off as soon as I stopped running).  Total workout wasn’t too bad, but I have definitely learned to keep my runs to either early morning or late evening (unless it is nice and cool out) during the summer.

A definite plus was that it was a rest day from squats.  The boy has been pretty good today, napping and watching t.v. with me.  Although earlier he saw the neighborhood cat on my back porch and was howling and whining like crazy because I wouldn’t let him go and get it.

So since running everyday since Monday I have done a total of close to 8.5 miles of running, who knows how much walking (I don’t really track my walks because sometimes me and the pup just mosey on and take our time and always vary how much we walk, plus my warm-up/cool-down walks from every run) and 605 squats.

All in all not too shabby for someone who wasn’t much of a runner not too long ago.  It’s a start and I should be able to improve it as I get stronger (from all of these crazy squats) and get more mileage in.

My name is Holley and I have successfully completed the first day of Juneathon


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