A Little Beyonce Shoulder-Dancing

3 Jun

Today’s post will be (hopefully) shorter than yesterdays.

Started off this morning by going for a morning run. I had plans for dinner and wasn’t sure when I would get back/ if I would get back before dark and I didn’t want to ruin my 7 day run streak.  So I went for an easy run followed by a nice long walk.

I save my squats for this evening (which I am going to do right after I get this post up) because I could do them not matter what time day or night.

As for the title of this post I reckon I better explain lol. I added some of Beyonce’s older music to my phone (i.e. Check On it which by the way came out in 2006, I didn’t realize it was that old). So when I went out to dinner I plugged in my phone to my radio to listen to some music and that song came on.  I was really feeling it and since I was driving couldn’t really dance to it as I wanted to. So in order to remain a safe and law abiding driving citizen I “danced” to the song using my shoulders. I mean how else are you supposed to dance with both hands on the wheel?

It was fun and I probably got a few stares but who cares right? Day 3 of Juneathon and Day 8 of Runstreak a success.

I also figured out how I was going to modify my squats so that I’m not sore for my race on sat. It may not be the smartest thing but I am going to skip my rest day tomorrow and save it to “double-up” on a Thursday and Friday rest days so that I remain basically on schedule. It should work out. (Get it?)

My name is Holley and I can rock some shoulder dancing.


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