I Run Because…

5 Jun

Today is national running day! Did you celebrate it?

Everyone has their own reason to run.  I have several including (in no particular order and not all inclusive):

I run because I like to eat.                                                                                                                  I run because I want to be healthy(er)/fit.                                                                                I run because I want to run a marathon.                                                                                                                   I run because I can.

Why do you run?

As I have mentioned before I’ve been trying to mix up my runs a bit, since I have been limited to where I can run (as of right now) and tend to run the same path over and over again.  I’ve taken a loop in the opposite direction, I’ve ran portions faster, etc.

Normally when I’ve run I done my warm-up walk followed by running anywhere between 1-3 miles straight, then my cool-down. This time I din’t something different. I did my warm-up walk as usual but instead of just running a set distance and then stopping I decided to do interval running. I did intervals of running 7 minutes and then walking 2 minutes and before you know it I had done 3.32 miles! I was actually planning on doing an additional interval set which would have definitely gotten me up to 4 miles at least but as I was about 5 minutes into my last running set it got really cold out and windy and the clouds came over and I thought I may have seen lightning in the distance. Now I’m not stupid so as I finished that running portion (it was on my way home) I went and head and headed back to my apartment. Now after the fact it appears that it was a false alarm but its much better to be safer than sorry and stuck in the middle of a storm.

Tomorrow and Thursday I plan on doing shorter runs (i.e. a mile and then walking) to prep up for Sat.

Oh and I did 225 squats today.


***Update apparently it wasn’t a false alarm I hear the thunder now****

My name is Holley and I run because I can.


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