Keep on Streakin’ On

6 Jun

Well today went pretty much as planned. Rest day from squats (thank goodness). Went to work, came back played with the pup and then went on my run. I did a faster paced short run today. Of course its on one of my easier days that I was pretty much longing to do more. But I knew that if I did today I would probably feel the same tomorrow and then I would overdo it and feel crazy sore for my race on Sat.

Tomorrow I HAVE to get my run done in the morning. I’m going in a little early so that I can get off work early so I can come home grab the pup and then get onward for my nearly 4 hr drive home.  Otherwise I won’t get to run till about 8 pm and with the race at 7:30 in the morning that probably wouldn’t be the wisest of choices.

I reckon it helps that tomorrow is casual jean Friday so that requires a little less preparation in getting ready for work.

Also I’ve calculated that for the month of June I have already ran 11.4 miles which is over half that of what I ran in May (minus the occasional run I didn’t use my nike+ app for) and that doesn’t even include any of the walking that I have done!  And if you include the rest of my run streak that adds approximately an additional 7 miles!

Woohoo!! That’s some improvement there!

I’ll leave you with this pic as I was starting on my warm-up walk  today.

photo (1)

My Name is Holley and I’m a Streak of Nature


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