Andrea You Selfish Girl

8 Jun

So today was the day of my 5k! I’ll get back to that in a bit, but I figured I needed to explain the title a bit. So I’m from Florida and it is officially hurricane season. My original plan after the 5k was to visit Fort Pickens an old historic Fort that was built in the early 1800’s to protect Florida and then was involved in several wars and battles. The only time I’ve been was when I was really little. To get to the fort you have to go out by the beach and then drive down this long beach road. Since my 5k was on the beach and close y the family and I were just going to make a day of it.

Well what happened was is that we had the first tropical storm of hurricane season (Andrea). It never materialized to a hurricane but brought in a lot of rain early this week. So much rain that it flooded the road leading up to the fort and leading the road covered in sand. So no fort adventure for me:/ Thanks Andrea.

Anyways on to the 5k! Today I ran it in 28:42 another sub 30 in the books and the first official sub30!!!!! And I placed 2nd in my age group!! Woohoo! I’m so excited with this especially because this included a total of 3 minutes walking break.

The race started bright and early at 7:30 and the sun was already starting to come out in full force and beating down. The course was flat which was a definite plus since most of my training has been on what seems like endless hills so I was strong on the get go. I completed my first mile at one of my fastest ever in 8:24.

At the first water station at mile 1 , I grabbed a cup of water and continued on my way using a trick I learned that really works (well except for today apparently) which is to pinch the rim of the cup to a point in order to drink some water. Well a combination of running faster and the fact that they filled the cup up to the brim ended up with half of the water up my nose!!

I kept running on and then it just got crazy hot. I reached the second mile and second water station. I decided here to take a 2 minute walk break so that I could actually get water in my mouth this time. I then ran another 1/2 mile and took one final 1 minute walk break and then finished string. I would have liked to run the whole thing, because I know I can but because of the heat I think it was smart to actually take a minute or two to ensure that I hydrated.

While we waited for the final results we walked down to the water and let me tell you trudging through the sand was a workout in itself especially after running.


What was really cool about this race was that the overall winners got beach chairs for their trophy and then age group winners got cool mugs that you put in the freezer and it keeps your drinks cold. Also I never would have thought that I would have watermelon and hotdogs at 8:30 in the morning.

I was going to go for another run this evening but it started raining right before I went out. My dad has started a couch25k program and I was going to run with him.

I’ll have update with more picture later once I get home on Monday with an actual laptop. Also I literally forgot about my squats for today until just now so I will just pick up tomorrow.



My name is Holley and I rocked my 5k today!


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