200th Viewversery

10 Jun

So I just hit a milestone for my blog , I’ve had over 200 views! I know for most this is a small number but to me it is awesome! I never would have thought that people other than myself would read the ramblings I typed on the interwebs.

So woohoo! Once I get to 300 I’m going to hold a little challenge or something that I have to do for reaching that, but we shall see when that time comes.

Anyways on to today. I managed to convince my brother to take me to the gym again today. I did 1.2 miles on the treadmill (once again to get the 1 mile minimum so that I could then take advantage of the other equipment at the gym) and then I did 3.46 miles on the elliptical followed by 3 sets of weights on another weird arm machine.

Once again I think I could have done more on the elliptical but already had the bro waiting on me so I didn’t go any further. I think I went a little crazy with all of the equipment and air-conditioning lol.

I made it back home this afternoon, thankfully the rain stopped long enough for my drive. Looks like its back to hot outside summer runs. I’m going to try and find other places to run (hopefully  one or two that is on a little flatter land).

Also I did 240 squats, 1 more day on the 30 day squat challenge!

Well I guess that’s it for today, I’ve got a few longer posts planned for later in the week.

Sleepy Pup after a long drive.

Sleep Pup


My name is Holley and I’m feeling pretty awesome right now.


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