3375 Squats Later

11 Jun

I did it! I completed the 30 day squat challenge (actually in 31 days because I accidentally took that extra rest day Sat).

I finished it up with a grand total of 250 squats this morning before work.

In the past month I have done a total of 3375 squats (3295 for the challenge and an extra punishment of 80, you can read about that here). If you follow my twitter you will also discover that I pretty much fail at math as when I started the challenge I said it would be over 4,000 squats, I think I accidentally hit multiply instead of add at one point because it is definitely not that many squats lol. Also who knows if this number is correct because I’ve tried to calculate it several times and keep getting different numbers, definitely too tired to do math right now.

As mentioned before I’m going to give the squats a break and might pick them up again in July. I feel like I’ve gotten stronger by doing them, who knows maybe they are a part of why I have been able to run faster. I also feel like my quads got a little bit smaller and more toned but I’m not sure if that is true or just my perception/acceptance of them. I really wish that I had taken measurements before I started this process so that I could actually measure the difference instead of just guess.

Some days were harder, some easier which could be due to a variety of a reasons. Overall though I am happy that I was able to stick to it and accomplish this goal. One baby step to my healthier me transformation!

Today was also the first day back running outside since my 5k after being spoiled by my brother at the gym the past two days. I think my legs were at first a little confused haha. I decided that since I went a little gym happy and because I haven’t had a proper rest since the race to lighten up today’s run (I’ll probably do the same or similar tomorrow as well).

Today I did running intervals.

5 minutes slower paced run followed by 2 minutes walk and repeated this 4 times for a grand total of 2.57 miles.

My name is Holley and I’ve done over 3,000 squats in the past 31 days.


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