Doctor What?

15 Jun

Well this is old news but to the world and to me but I just haven’t had time to properly sit down and write this blog post (and sitting here now I still know that I don’t have the proper time to get this written how I want, especially with the Juneathon blog-a-day quota but I’m giving it a shot) but Matt Smith will be ending his role as the Doctor in Doctor Who after this years Christmas Special.

**Disclaimer: I realize that not all Brits watch or like Doctor Who just like all Americans do not watch or like some American Classic films or shows. But just go with me here.

Doctor Who is a wonderful piece of television history for the BBC and is one of the longest spanning shows many people (not stateside) grew up watching the classics and were ecstatic when the reboot happened in the mid-2000s. As a non-Brit I was introduced to Doctor Who my freshman year of undergrad and boy was I glad she did.

Long story short I became slightly obsessed and when I went to Ireland and Wales for my class trip (full post going on that trip after Juneathon) I made sure that me and the fam stopped in Cardiff and went to the Doctor Who Museum. Here a few pics intermixed to this blog for your enjoyment:


Really cold weather for a Florida girl! I think it was snow flurries here you can see the wind pushed up the flaps on my hat!


Me standing by the T.A.R.D.I.S!

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of watching Doctor Who the short of it is (and this does nothing to explain it because it really is quite complex and if I have a hard time verbally explaining, forget about writing):

The Doctor is a timelord who travels through time and space in his machine/ship the T.A.R.D.I.S that is shaped like a police box and bigger on the inside. He travels everywhere but has a particular penchant for Earth, particularly London. He aims to rescue and protect the innocent, etc and can often be found traveling with a companion or two. He doesn’t die perse but regenerates into another personality when near death (hence multiple actors can play him).

He is an Old man in a box.

I still don’t quite know which Doctor is my favorite between Tennant or Smith but I have grown to love them all and all the companions. I was sad when Rory and Amy left the show and had heard that Matt was going to stay on as the Doctor for some time however that time is now coming to an end :/ And this year is the 50th Anniversary season in the fall.

When I moved into my apartment this past fall I was so upset that I did not have BBCAmerica and thus no way to actually watch Doctor Who 😦

One thing I have found is a virtual race for the 50th Anniversary where you can either do a 5k or 1/2 marathon. I’ve never done a virtual race before but I think I am going to do it because you get an actual medal and everything and since its virtual you can pretty much do it at your own pace!

Like I mentioned yesterday this post does not really articulate everything I had wanted to say here. It’s a jumbled mess and I’m sure as soon as I publish it I will think of 5 million more things to say, maybe I’ll do a follow up to this after Juneathon that way I have time to gather my thoughts and get it done.



Juneathon Update:

Today I did about 5.75 miles!! I took the pup to the dog park so I could wear him out and he could sleep while I went out for my run. I then went to the track for a change of scenarie. It was once again hot and was kinda a rough run, my legs felt tight then I was tired, blah blah blah. I started off running a mile and then walking a lap running a mile etc. I did get my fastest time for a mile though in 7:58!!!! My fastest time ever in high-school was about 7:42/47 or so, so I really close to getting an alltime PR!

Obviouslly I can’t sustain that pace but its still pretty awesome! After some of my running I ending up walking alot more and then just sprinkling in running in between. I’m not exactly sure how much of it I ran in total (compared to walking) but I know that I ran over half of it. Some of this tiredness was probably because I have been running everyday but I figured it was pretty good just to get milage in (even if it was walking).

The main thing I did was once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to sustain the running pace I looked at my phone and decided that I was going to go for a full hour of exercise so that is what I did.

My Name is Holley and I am a Whovian and I am sad that Matt Smith is leaving.


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