SweatTastic Sunday

16 Jun

Well today has pretty much been a whole lot of nothing.  I got ready for church this morning but sat on the couch and actually fell asleep so I missed it…  Then I’ve once again been watching netflix all day.

I went to the track again today and my legs were pretty much dead so I decided to do a shorter run. In total it was about 2 miles with about 1.3 of it running and the rest walking.  I’ve started measuring some of the walking I’ve done (at least what I’ve done in with my interval running).

With such as short(er) distance running today you would have never had guessed it when I was done. Boy was I sweaty!! Who needs a sauna when you can just go outside and run a lap or two around the track?

Now I’m just sitting around my computer waiting for the next #RunChat which I am officially (Among with many others) a Runbassador! I’ll let you know more about Runchat soon, so I’ll just leave it at this for now.  Have a great night!

My name is Holley and I sweat like a pig so I can look like a fox! (saw it on Pinterest, I thought it was pretty awesome quote).


One Response to “SweatTastic Sunday”

  1. runslikeelephant June 17, 2013 at 10:37 am #

    I like that quote…might need to use it too!

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