Modified Running At Its Finest

17 Jun

So today wasn’t a traditional run in any sense of the word.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Today the boy had been pretty good pretty good so I thought I would reward him by going to the dog park this afternoon.

Pretty good with the exception of him napping all day, so when I decided to take a nap with him, he decided it was playtime and when I begrudgenly got up he decided it was nap time again. Of Course…

He went outside and took a nap.


He came inside and took a nap.


He then moved 5 different places which I didn’t get a picture of and of course I didn’t get my nap. And of course as I am writing this right now he is curled up next to me asleep.

Other than that he was really good.

So we got out and went to the park and I noticed it was stormy looking out but I figured if we could at least get 15 minutes at the park we would be good. We get there and the wind had picked up and there weren’t but three cars or so at the park (which wasn’t a good sign) but I thought oh well.  So we get out and walk around and I heard thunder and more wind.  Now I don’t mind getting wet but I wasn’t about to walk out to the dog park (its about 1/4 mile from the actual park to get to it) and was not about to have a stinky wet dog in the car.  We walked close to the parking lot when I decided I didnt like this weather and we got in the ar and came home.  I felt pretty bad about it considering the boy loves the park and he has been really good lately.

As we drive home I hear more thunder and saw a little bit of lightening, by the time we get home there was no rain and I could have theoretically ran (as mentioned I don’t mind getting wet). But I’m pretty sure a storm can outrun me anyday so getting out there would have been plum stupid.  Plus 10 minutes after being home more thunder (although it seems to have passed or held off for now).

Here’s the rub though (I run in the afternoon) I still needed to get my run in and didn’t want to ruin my runstreak and I was about to go out and risk the chance of getting struck by lightening so I improvised.

I ran in my apartment for 20 minutes straight.  That’s right I did. Most of it was running in place while watching t.v. and I mixed it up by running around, down the hallway, circles in the kitchen, etc.  Now considering my average mile pace lately has been between 8:30/9:30 minutes I figured this was more than enough for 1 mile and I am going to count it as such. No it wasn’t traditional put I think it should count right? My feet were constantly moving and I didn’t stop for 20 minutes straight.

I also got a little bit of strength work by the end because as I was running around the boy thought it was some sort of game and decided he wanted to chase me and play so I ended up dragging him around the apartment by his rope toy.

Here’s a picture (rather blurry because I was trying to take it while jogging and pulling on his toy at the same time) of my workout buddy helping me out.


My name is Holley and if all else fails I run inside.


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