The Girl All in Red

18 Jun

Not quite sure how it happend but I ended up wearing all red for my run today.  My shirt was red my shorts were red (well garnet to be precise) and I’m sure that my face was red by the end of it (not that it was a hard workout that just happens  when I exercise).

Today I did a shorter day of about 2 miles and ran about 1.5 miles of it.  I definitely could have done more and longer but today I decided to have a shorter day.  The first mile of it flew bye mainly because I decided to pray during that whole mile. Thats right pray.  I saw a link to a fellow bloggers post on twitter (you can read her post The Prayin’ Kind here)  Until I read that post I had never realized what an opportunity running was to get closer to God. I’ll openly admit I have been in a little bit of a dry patch in my prayer life and think this could be a good solution to help me get back on track.  So during this first mile I felt great, it was a wonderful experience and something I am going to continue and think that this would be also be a great way for me to work on my scripture memorization.

I’ll probably have another post on this later on (once again after the daily requirements of Juneathon are over and I get a chance to think more indepth on my posts).

Side note: Listening is obviously not the boy’s strong suit.  I told him to come and he stood there and stared at me fully comprehending what I told him to do.  He stared then looked at his toy that was near him, grabbed it and started playing with it and went in the opposite direction as from where I was.  The little brat lol (although I reckon I can’t stay mad at him too long because in 5 minutes he will probably fall asleep laying next to me)

My name is Holley and I am going to start praying when I run.


One Response to “The Girl All in Red”

  1. Eat Pray Run, DC June 18, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

    Thanks for linking to my post — I love your last line! So glad that you prayed during your run today! It’s a great practice 🙂

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