Run Little Broken Ear

19 Jun

Today’s run was a little on the rough side, don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it, it just wasn’t as smooth as my other runs (but was smoother going than I thought it would be) Let me explain:

As mentioned before I normally don’t take little broken ear (a.k.a. Charlie a.k.a. the pup a.k.a. the boy) with me on my runs for various reasons:

  1. He is a hound and like all hounds follows his nose and has “runners a.d.d.” which doesn’t make for the best running partner
  2. He would rather chase things than just run (kinda like myself in that regard, I would rather play soccer, etc where (at least in my initial mind) there is more of a purpose to running (although my opinion is changing now!))
  3. He doesn’t know how to pace himself, in fact that word is not in his vocabularly.  Every time we go running he jets out like he is out to break a world record he only knows 2  speeds 0 and 120 so he eventually tires out quicker which then allows more time for his runners a.d.d. to kick in.
  4. Tying in with 3. he isn’t the best (ok he’s pretty bad at pulling) leash walker.  I took him to an obidence class as a puppy and he did great, he is a really smart dog and knows tons of tricks but the 2 things he that did not stick from that class was leash walking and coming with called (both of which are probably attributed to the beagle/hound in him making him stubborn and once again the nose rules the coop) This results in a one arm strengthening session, tied in with olympic pace = the fastest .10 of a mile that I have run in my life.

He is just not a good running partner. Plenty of dogs are mine just isn’t.  It’s not that he’s lazy its just that he would rather do something else with his life.

Normally I’ll go on my run and then take him for a walk or wear him out playing tug-o-war or something. Today I had the “brilliant” idea to take him on my run with me.  It’s funny because he always know when I’m getting ready to leave whether or not he is going with me (whether it is a run, work, school, church, just leaving the house) and it is so sweet to see how excited he gets.

So we went on our run.  The warm-up walk went about as expected, he pulled me this way and that wanting to sniff this bush or this tree, etc.  Immediately I started to regret this, I figured I was in for a bumpy ride.  We get up to the trail where I run and it actually went better than expected.  Yes he still thought he was an olympic track star but once that phase passed I managed to get him to continue running.  I’m not sure if it was the excitment from running with me, the fact that he didn’t get to go to the dog park because of the weather, or what but he managed to stay focused.

I tried to take a video of his epic speed (you wouldn’t think such short legs could run that fast) and that ended up messing up my Nike+ app, at one point it said we were going at a 23 minute/mile pace when we clearly at a 9 minute/mile pace and then it didn’t correctly calculate our distance for a bit.  In all I got him to run for just over 1 mile straight without stopping anf for him that is an amazing accomplishment.  His a.d.d. didn’t kick in and was able to slow his pace closer to mine (mainly because I think he was exhausted) and would just look up at me with the biggest smile and tongue hanging out the side.  I honestly don’t think that on our runs together we had ever run that far without him deciding he wanting to do something else.

The 1/2 mile back was a little rougher becuase he was tired and we were walking and he wanted to go here or go there. So it took awhile getting back (I figured he was so good I would let him do some of the stuff he wanted)  I managed to snap a couple of pictures (one during and a few after ) from the run today.

photo (9)


This was during the run

photo (10)Immediately after the run when we got home, not sure why it won’t let me turn it.


photo (11)


Once he was able to pry himself off of the floor.

So as I started out today was rougher, mainly because it was something different.  I couldn’t really go at my regular comfortable pace because of the boy and at times I did feel like like I was working on my resistance training, but I wouldn’t trade it.

Who knows maybe the boy and I will be going on many more runs together soon (albeit it short ones for his sake but then I could drop him by the apartment and continue on).

My name is Holley and today I ran with the dog with the broken ear.


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