Thursday Morning Jaunt

20 Jun

Got a 20 minute jog done this morning before going to work, didn’t track the distance but I think its safe to say that I got 1 mile in (minimum).

Today was different because I had to go to an event for work that was out of town 2 hrs away.  That ment I didn’t have to go till work till after lunch and rode with two other interns there to the event and then back tonight (I actually got in about 30 minutes ago).  It was nice because it was different, the day went by quicker because we were traveling and I got to dress up a little nicer, although my heels are really on their way out and it is difficult to find decent heels for my big feet. I wear anywhere from a 10 (rare) – 11 and shoe people just don’t seem to design decent/cute looking shoes at that size.  They think ladies blessed with big feet should be stuck wearing clunky, ugly, horrendous shoes.  Also many stores don’t carry a 10 1/2 which is really the size I tend to be, because a 10 is way to small and an 11 is way to big.  It can definitely get frustrating.

Sorry for the shorter misrambled post bu, whatever tomorrow is Friday so maybe you will get a longer one in then 🙂

My name is Holley and I was “blessed” with big feet.


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