Oh What a Difference A Day Makes

22 Jun

Hey there! So this is the latest I’ve been in getting my Juneathon post up for the day, heck its the latest I’ve been up before getting into bed in awhile (I know its onlly 11pm but still).

Thanks for everyone both here and on twitter for their advice on my last post.  Feel free to comment with any running advice whatsoever on any topic.  I’m eagerly willing to learn more.

Oh what a difference a day can make! Before we get to the run lets start with my day.  I finally managed to do something with my weekend rather than just sit at home and watch netflix.  I started off by going to see Monsters University at the movie theater today, it was probably the first animated movie I’ve seen in a long time, but I really enjoyed it.  I went off to lunch and got a Greek Quesadilla which was delicious, and while it probably wasn’t the best of choices food wise, I did do a good thing by only eating half of it and saving the other half for dinner.  It wasn’t a ginormous portion like most places are but normally I probably would have eaten the whole thing so by splitting it up I accomplished something.

I then took the boy to the dog park where he got to run and play and roll all in the dirt and otherwise had a great time.  

Then it came for my run.  Today’s run was sooooo much better than yesterday.  I went to the track and decided to do around an hour total whether it was walking or running.  I then decided to do a 10 minute run interval followed by a 2 minute walk interval (and then I would stop the time for a few seconds to get water).  I was very proud of myself for actually sticking to this for the full hour (5 total reps).  Normally when I tell myself this it goes well for the first round but I get tired by the second round and then quickly ditch my original plan.  This time I managed to do it! Don’t get me wrong once I got to my 4th and 5th set of running I was tired and moving a lot slower than my first set but I stayed running for the full 10 minute intervals.  In all I did 6 miles in just over 1 hr and I still feel pretty good.  

Then I went to hang out with some friends from church where we threw the frisbee and watched the “super moon” (although honestly it just looked the same as the moon any other time).

Now I’m back home where I managed to scrape this out for you dear readers so that I cam publish it and then promptly go to bed.

I was hoping to hit 300 views before this post published so that I could announce part of my challenge (the working title is Joust the Jolly) so that I could do it on Monday, but I should hit it in a day or two (but it will just take me a little longer to accomplish it).

Goodnight (or early morning for my friends across the pond). Tomorrow’s should be posted a bit earlier when my brain is still functioning.

My name is Holley and I conquered 6 miles today! 


2 Responses to “Oh What a Difference A Day Makes”

  1. Tina Leas June 22, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    GO GIRL!!!

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