Joust the Jolly :Round 1

26 Jun

New level unlocked!!!!

It’s time for Joust the Jolly (round 1) where YOU get to choose which workout challenge I will do!  It’s your chance dear readers to voice your opinion! I know your there, I see the views and the likes, don’t be shy!

Here’s how its going to work (at least for this round, still working on the official rules):

  •  I will provide you with a choice of workout challenges
  • To cast your vote simply leave a comment below as to which one I should do
  • Come Sunday whichever challenge gets the most votes will be the winner
  • On Sunday I will do a 1 mile run (gotta keep the run streak alive) followed by the winning challenge

This round the challenge is inspired by Pinterest (particullary movies and tv) workouts (lets face it most of the challenges will come in some way shape or form from Pinterest).

The Contenders:

The Harry Potter Workout Challenge

In this challenge I would watch one of the Harry Potter movies and do something in particular everytime something specific happens (for example a spell is cast).

Here is a picture of one of the challenges:

Now I would have to check to see if there was a different one for specific movies (obviously points aren’t awarded in the latter movies) becuase while I have all the movies, I only have certain ones up here at school with me.

Next up we have the Lord of the Rings Workout

(to be honest the rest of these workouts I weren’t sure if they had I just googled it because I love the movies/shows)

Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies of all times (I often enjoyed watching the extended version’s cast commentary, nerd I know).  Once again if this one is chosen I may look through all of the LOTR workouts online to choose the best one.

And Finally we have the Doctor Who workout:

Since Doctor Who is a t.v. series and not a movie if this one is chosen I will do the workout for an equivalant of the average movie time.

Quick Juneathon Update:  Today I ran over 2 miles and tool the pup on a short walk, long day at work but the weekend is close at hand!

So go ahead leave a comment!

Which Workout challenge will I do?

Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? or Doctor Who? It’s up to you to decide!!!

My name is Holley and I want you to choose which workout I will do!


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