Korean Chicken Salad

29 Jun

So the family got in last night, dad has the krud (mix of cold/flu/whatever) so hasn’t been up to doing much. We did however go to this antique mall that we visit whenever they come up and spent over 2 hours scouring the booths to see what we could find.

I found a couple of little things, however still couldn’t find the perfect cast iron skillet ( I have a few but was looking for something in particular) and dad found some old timey glass cookie jars he has been wanting, while mom added to her ever growing egg cup collection. We had the most amazing chicken salad for lunch from a place called the chicken salad chick (they have 15 different kinds of chicken salad!)

For dinner we went adventurous and had some Korean BBQ , that was sure an experience.

I then took my brother to the track where we learned that Korean food and a 5k run don’t really go together well. Lol. Now I’m just waiting for my turn for the shower and then we are going to watch a movie we rented from redbox.

My name is Holley and Korean food does not go well with a run.


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