FMRMC July Challenges

3 Jul

Last week I recieved in my email the challenges for July for the fatty must run marathon challenge.  If your new to my blog and don’t know what this challenge is hop on over to Julie’s blog here to find out more, or check out my old post here.

Who’s interesting in learning what this month’s challenges are?

  • Plank A Day
  • Sign up for a race
  • 5k Run

Let’s start with plank a day, as I mentioned yesterday I hate core work (Even though I know that it is needed) and of course our challenge is a bunch of core work!  I started this on Monday and let me tell you it was a pretty shaky (and pitiful) 20 seconds.  Julie didn’t really give us a particular regime for this challenge just to do it every day and see how much you improve. Well me being me I had to find something that gave me a little more guidence.  So I went to trusty google and found this:

Currently on day 3 and I’m doing my hardest to not even try to think about or look at anything past Day 9.  The mere thought of a 5 minute plank seems impossible so my strategy is to not even think about it and to cross that bridge when I get to day 30 in which I’m sure will be easier then than it is sitting on day 1.

I have been tweeting my planks to #plankaday, Jennifer (one of the wonderful ladies on this journey with me) told us about that and how they have the @plankpolice and if you go without tweeting your plank they will call you out on twitter! I figure that this would be a good motivation to do my planks and hold some accountability to them.

Next up is signing up for a race to do in July or August.  I think this one was geared towards those who haven’t done an official race yet (outside of training).  I will be looking for races to do but with signing up and starting my 1/2 marathon training on Sats. it will be difficult to fit one in.

I did however spend over an hour in bed last night looking up obstacle races in the nearby area.  I don’t think that mud run I was originally going to do this sat is going to workout , but I did find a 10k mud/obstacle run in october that I am definitely going to sign up for and I think I’ve got at least 2 people from church who said that they would be interesting in doing it with me!  There is also a run in September (which they changed this year because it is normally in July) that I have done several times that I would like to do again.

Finally the challenge is to run another timed 5k.  Nothing much to explain here.

I’ve also decided to do the 30 day squat challenge again , I started it yesterday (since there are 31 days in July) and figure it would another good body strength thing to do, I’m going to try and focus on holding the squats longer instead of going down and immediately coming back up.  I also finally remembered to go to the kickboxing class my local running store has on monday nights (I always seem to remember on tuesdays) which are free!! That was alot of fun because I enjoyed taking areobic kickboxing classes in undergrad and missed it (I was going to join a kickboxing gym up here but it is too expensive).  Boy was I all kinds of sore yesterday and could still feel it some today!  I will definetly be going back (as long as I remember to!).

Finally I’ve bought a couple of different running/workout related things over the past couple of days.  One I bought at the running store and two things I just bought online and should hopefully be coming in sometime next week.  Once everything is in I try and use them and then give y’all a review if your interested.  As a newbie to the official running community I love see all these different products more expereinced runners are talking about and reviewing and I can’t wait to find things that work for me.  Most of these products I have never heard about (like 99.95% of them) so I find it interesting to learn about everything and why people use them/ suggest them.  I’ll leave what I bought as a surprise for now (although I’m sure I’ll tweet about them).

P.S. I just realized how much I use (   ) when I blog, I tend to like to explain things (don’t get me started on playing the game of things, thats a whole other story) sorry about that.  You will just have to live through my commentary and all of its quirks.

My name is Holley and it’s time to Plank it Up!


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