I spent more time trying to come up with a title then the content of this Post…

11 Jul

Hey Friends!

Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop.  Plank A Day has been going pretty decent today I managed a 1 minute plank! Still been keeping up with the 30 day squat challenge with 105 squats for the day.

Today I was finally able to run outside (Even though it wwas a bit hot) instead of being left with running like a mad woman inside my apartment for 20 minutes with the dog looking at me like I was crazy (got to keep my run streak going!).  The weather has been uck, with storms and lightening and just plain weird.  Some days its fine in the morning but come end of work its raining and thundering, no fun at all.

Went to kickboxing on Monday and boy did it kick my behind! My arms decided to take turns being sore.  On Tuesday my right arm was sore and then yesterday my left arm was sore. So weird.

Earlier this week I got one of the products that I ordered (I got the other one in today), and I have been putting it to the test.  Look for my review sometime Sat.

Other than that have a lovely evening! I have to be up extra early tomorrow because we (all the interns) have to drive 2 hrs out of town to go to an all day event for work, but at least I get paid for going !

My name is Holley and I couldn’t have been more happy to run outside for a change.


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