Beast Mode

1 Aug

Product Review Numero Dos.

To start off with I’ll give the disclaimer that this post is not sponsored by the product company (or any company).  I heard about this product from twitter friends and decided to buy one and see if it worked for me.

The Product I am reviewing today is the Women’s BeastMode Razorback Tank    by Viewsport.

You can check out their website here:

The tagline for Viewsport is “Motivation Revealed” and the cool thing abou t their products is that a secret message is revealed as you sweat on your workout.  Yes you read that right a secret message comes through your shirt, tank, whatever the more you sweat.  Crazy concept right? Thats what I thought! I heard about them through (you guessed it) twitter and thought that I would tryout one of their products.  I was needing something other than a t-shirt to go running/workout in and thought this would be perfect.

Women's ViewSPORT "Beast Mode Black" Racerback TankWomen's ViewSPORT "Beast Mode Black" Racerback Tank

Here are the specs from the website:

Get the best of you in the cute looking racerback tank. This product is designed with your traditional dimensions – bust, hips and waist –in mind. With a gorgeous look, you feel motivated and lighter to do just anything. It gracefully hugs your body making you comfortable cool and dry during workouts. In this beast mode, you become a beast the moment you have sweat enough. Through ViewSPORT® Sweat-Activated Technology, the phrase “I’M A BEAST” becomes visible when the lower back becomes wet.

Key Features

  • Slim body fit
  • Color: Teal
  • Long length
  • Side seamed, super soft and sheer mini rib knit
  • 98% cotton and 2% spandex
  • Made exclusively in the USA


They make both mens and womens clothes and you can make your own custom clothes (if you order enough)!

So I thought this was a pretty cool idea but wasn’t too sure if it would actually work.  I looked at all the designs they had and designed that the beast mode tank was my favorite and because it was fitted ordered it in an XL.

photo (13)

There I am in the tank! I will admit I thought it was a little small and worried me because it was a little tight fitting.  I am technically considered plus sized, however not extremely so and a little self-conscious about it so I wish it was a bit bigger.  Once I was wearing it a bit I felt more comfortable, it was probably a combination of never really wearing more fitting clothes and not used to a tank top which held my initial trepidation.

I figured a good place to test this baby out was at kickboxing because if the message didnt show there, it wasn’t going to show anywhere (I sweat alot in those kickboxing classes its intense).  So I took it to class and was feeling more comfortable (the instructor would even randomly yell out beast mode during class to encourage everyone lol).  As expected I was a sweat storm after class.

So I rushed home looked in the mirror and on the back of my tank that was previously blank was this:

photo (14)

“I am A Beast”

Pardon the bad quality picture, you try taking a picture using the bathroom mirror of your lower back to see how it turned out, its tough.

I saw those 4 words standing out from my sweat soaked shirt and I got to say I was excited.  Many reviews I’ve read about ViewSport’s products is that it motivates you to run/kick/lift/workout harder so that you sweat enough for the message to come through and now I completely understand why.  I want people to know how hard I worked and that I truely am a beast in my own right.

Their sweat activated technology is truely original and is said to last for 50 washes (which by that time I’m sure I will be or already have another one of their products in my dresser).  One thing I would say as a negative though is that I wish they came in larger sizes.  I have many friends who I think would love this product (or find it rather neat) however Viewsport does not currently carry their sizes.

Like my previous product review this company is very active on social networks.  You can find them interacting with customers and fans on a regular basis through facebook, twitter and instagram.

So go ahead and unlock your inner beast mode and check out this company!

My name is Holley and I am Beast Mode.


2 Responses to “Beast Mode”

  1. runningtoherdreams August 24, 2013 at 7:05 pm #

    Oh my, I want a couple of them in different colors, I love!

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