The Last of the First

21 Aug

Hey there friends. Yes I know its been a good long while and hopefully I can now get back on track.  I went on vacation to New York and then was able to spend a couple of days home with my parents before finally coming back to school and starting my last first day of school ever! (unless of course I decide to go for 5 million more degrees but thats another story).


I’ll leave this post brief because I still need to finish unpacking and getting my stuff organized for school but thought that I would check in with everyone and not loose any of my dear friends.  I promise that by the end of this weekend there will a completely updated post of my travells and I will be back on schedule.  

A few brief highlights to mention.  I had an amazing time in New York going to see all the sights (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and seeing the most amazing and wonderful musical on the face of the planet) and I successfully managed to get all of my planned runs in, including a 5 mile run in Central Park! 

This Sat I will go on my longest run ever at 6.5 miles .3 miles further than my 10k in March (or was it April?)

Anyways this is it and I will get back to you with pictures and more details.

My name is Holley and I just had my last first day of school.


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