Milestones of Epic Proportions.

24 Aug

So today was my Sat. long run with my Galloway group and today I ran the farthest I have ever run in my entire life! 

There were a few different results from everyone’s gps (I think because some started it during the warm up and others after) but today I ran 6.81 miles! This is over 1/2 mile more than the 10k I did in March/April (can’t remember which) (which was my previous farther distance run).

To put it into perspective I ran 1/2 of a 1/2!! And guess what? I felt great at the end and felt like I could go further.  

I also realized that with school back in session I felt even more accomplished because we finished our run before 8am and well before the rest of the student population rising for the morning. After my run I went and took the boy to the dog park to let him run around before it got to hot out. Come to find out they were holding a thing called “Woofstock” at the park with different vendors and dog adoption things, etc to benefit the local humane society. At it was going to start around the time I was planning on leaving so I took the boy there and looked at the vendors. I found one that nice looking dog beds (that fit into dog crates) that I might order for the boy and another boarding place that I may take him to one day.  I also took him by the dog washing station to let him get a bath (he had rolled around in the dirt during his play time) and I don’t think he was to thrilled about that but the girls that were volunteering there (had to have been in middle school I’d say) absolutely loved him.

Then disaster struck.  As I went to leave I got to my car to find that I was blocked in on both ends and could not leave the park and after a nearly 7 mile run and an 1/2 at the park I was just ready to go home (and the boy was worn out as well).  Basically I had to go back and walk to all the booths and ask people if they were driving one of those cars so that I could leave.  There was no real speaker system that reached everyone either and for all I knew those cars could belong to people that were just visiting the park not Woofstock and where walking some of the 3 miles worth of trails at the park. :/  nearly 45 minutes later and no luck.  I decided to walk back to the car and saw a lady backing her car up into a spot. I rushed over and realized that one of the cars had left and got to her before she got out so that she could pull out so I could leave. Victory!!

Also I found by doing everything and going for an early run I apparently start cooking dinner and eat by 4:45, what can I say I’ve been up for a while. lol. 

My name is Holley and I broke a new personal record today.


One Response to “Milestones of Epic Proportions.”

  1. runningtoherdreams August 24, 2013 at 7:02 pm #

    Awesome, congrats!!

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