Joust the Jolly: Round 2!

27 Aug

So it’s been awhile and and I thought it would be a perfect time for the next round of Joust the Jolly!  If you don’t know what this is, it is where you dear readers get to choose my workout!

Check out my last challenge here: Click ME!!

You can see my review from the challenge winner here: Click Me!!

So lets get down to business. What are you going to vote for?

With school starting back up last week and the new fancy campus gym finially completed and open I thought I would do a challenge with the gym.  With the new gym campus rec has added a whole bunch of new gym classes that students can take.  And let me tell you I love a good gym class. I’ve done kickboxing (I do that currently at the running store), plenty of zumba/dance cardio type classes nd an aqua aerobics class or two.

So for this challenge I am choosing 3 classes that I have either never done before or only done once or twice (for example something like cycling which I did like once during my freshman year in undergrad). (Granted some classes were narrowed down just because of my work/class/gra schedule).

So lets keep this short and sweet Your choices are:

Aqua Yoga – basically Yoga in the water (honestly I’ve never done Yoga before, let alone in the water. I’m more of the cardio pumping class type person)

Core Barre– Apparantly a hot new trend in the fitness world, using elements from ballet (I took 1 year of ballet when I was like 5 and gave it up for soccer if that tells you anything.  I also quit girl scouts because their meetings interfered with soccer practice. Go figure)

TRX Body Blast- Suspension training  focuses on moving through a total body workout to the rhythm of the latest radio hits.  Movements integrate strength, balance and endurance into a single dynamic format that maximizes the benefit of body weight exercises for faster results.  It’s All Core, All the Time!  Get your groove on and join us for a revolutionary way to train!


There were other classes that I’ve never done and spanned different diciplines but I thought that I should keep it to 3 choices for your sakes.

To make it easy to vote I made a poll (hopefully successfully) and I think you can vote as many times as you want. So vote or leave a comment with which workout I should do.  Right now there isn’t a cutoff date for voting but I will probably announce one in the next post.

Have you done any of these workouts? If not which one would you try? Or what is one that you would reccomend?

And just for fun here is a random picture from my computer!

IMG_0349(yes this was a completely random picture. These were cupcakes I made for the super bowl party this past year.)




My name is Holley and I want you to choose my workout!


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