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When Grad school eats your lunch

8 Oct

Oh lookie there its me again. I know its been a long time since my last post. Some things were out of my control (like my internet not working for over a week) but mainly because grad school decided to be a bully and eat my lunch.

These past couple of weeks I have been swamped with school work, tests, papers, work and job interviews that its just been a whirlwind of a time.  I do have a winner from Joust the Jolly Round 2 and should be doing it soon.  The gym had changed its schedule around and I had a few required events that I had to particpate in so I was unable to fit it into my schedule.

But now I have taken back my lunch and stared grad school in the eye and will no longer let it get the better of me (and the fact that I dont have any tests or papers due the next week or so will definitely help).

Since the last post (which I refuse to look at the date because I know its been way too long). I have officially signed up for a marathon. Yes you heard that right a marathon (more on it later) so if all goes to plan I will be running the Rock N Roll Marathon in New Orleans come Feb.

I have gotten crazy sunburned at a football game. This past Sunday I ran my first solo long run (I was out of town and couldn’t run with the group) and ran 11 whole miles! I thought it would be much harder running by myself (without music) since I’ve been used to the group runs but turns out it wasn’t too bad. Although I would have to admit the last 1.5 miles was pretty rough. It probably helped that my dad was there around at various points during the loop acting as “water boy” for my brother and myself. (My brother ran as well it but it wasn’t long before he was out of my sight and then we ended up taking different directions on the trail at a fork). But I did it!

We also had another “magic mile” time trial (its a Galloway thing) where we timed a mile on the track.  Since the last time we did it about a month ago my mile time was nearly 30 seconds faster! I completed my mile in 8:29! I definitely did not think that I would’ve been that fast because the two girls that I ran with last time were not there.  Those girls are just a little faster than me so running the timed trial with them pushed all of us harder to keep up a strong pace and finish fast.  This week do another “magic mile” so it will be interesting to see how fast I complete this one.

After this one I will have my training pace to go with until race day.  They will average out my mile times (dropping the slowest one) and then have a calculation as to what intervals I will train with and then another set of intervals for race day.  Can’t wait to see the results!


My name is Holley and I’m taking back my lunch.