I Don’t like the Dentist

2 Jan

Nothing more to the title really, my dentist is really nice but I hate going because I feel like I always have something wrong every time I go for a cleaning.  I didn’t have the best oral hygiene habits when I was a young child (much to my parents chagrin) and its starting to bite me in the rear end (even though I have turned over a new leaf in this regard for many years now).

Lets get down to Janathon Day 2! Yesterdays post was written on my iPad (thus the brevity) versus todays on an actual laptop making it much easier to type.  For more information on Janathon follow the link here

Janathon participant logo



There are a couple of other things that I am participating in this year (but we will leave that to another day).

So  as you know (or don’t if your a new reader) I do not have a gym membership. When I am in school my student fees allow me to use the crazy nice state of the art gym on campus (the new one just opened this past semester).  However right now I am on Christmas break and thus no access to a gym.  My brother however, does have a gym membership to Planet Fitness and I always have to bribe him to take me to the gym (he is allowed 1 guest each day).

Today he was supposed to take me to the gym but went to hang out with friends and I had about given up hope that he was coming back before I went to bed.  Instead of doing nothing though I went on the treadmill to pound out some miles while watching tv on my ipad (to help pass the time).  No sooner had I completed 1 mile that my brother walked in the door and decided that he could take me to the gym!

I stop the dreaded treadmill and happily trot to the gym where my abs and arms instantly rebelled with all the situps, free weights and machine weights that I did.  I can’t list out everything I did today (Because honestly I don’t know the names of 1/2 of them and I don’t think my descriptions or made up names would be of any help) but in total I did 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 hr at the gym doing strength conditioning.

Tomorrow will be a light day exercicse wise because I have a 20+ mile run scheduled for Sat!

My name is Holley and I’m so happy I got to go to the gym today (ask me tomorrow and I’m not sure that my jelly arms would agree).



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