Bride for the Day

5 Jan

Well this post is a little later than actually planned (I got sucked in the 2hr. US premiere of Downton Abbey), but its still getting in before the end of the day.

A was a little understandably sore from yesterday’s long run so I didn’t do any formal exercise in but I did get in about 3 hrs of almost straight walking so I will count that for my Janathon efforts.

So I guess I need to explain the title of this post (and where the 3hrs comes in), one of my really good friends is getting married in July and I am a bridesmaid. Today my hometown held a bridal expo at the civic center. Myself, another bridesmaid and the mother of the bride (she is like a second mother to all of the bridesmaids) went to the expo right when it opened at 11 to check out the different vendors and start gathering information. The bride had to work until 1pm this she would miss the first part of the expo. Many of the vendors had raffles or giveaways that were ment specifically for the bride. Well since the our bride wasn’t there and he other bridesmaid was married I became the stand in bride and got to talk to all of vendors when they inevitably asked “whose the bride?”.

Luckily I know the bride pretty well so when asked certain details about the wedding, colors, flowers, etc, I was able to tell them what they actually were. We got to try some delicious food and see all sorts of different vendors from photographers, photo booths, caterers, gyms, venues and more (the local animal shelter also had dogs up for adoption).

They also had a bridal show where models walked the runway in wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses (and several guys in suits who had what I deemed “hungry eyes” when they showed off their escort).

The bride was able to make it for part of the show and she actually won some really nice earrings in a raffle! (Hopefully they will draw other stuff for her to win).

So while I didn’t run or do weights or anything today I would definitely say that the expo from 11-4 was a workout in itself. I even had to awkwardly climb up some stairs when we sat to watch the runway show, much to my friends amusement.

My name is Holley and I am not a bride (although my drama club skills did come in handy when I pretended to be one).


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