So so cold

7 Jan

Ok so I woke up this morning to absolutely freezing weather. Apparently due to some “arctic vortex” extremely cold air was pushed far down South. When I got up it was 12 degrees (is this real life?) for my UK friends that equates to about -11 degrees C (according g to a quick Internet search). For a Florida girl born and bread this is some crazy cold weather!

I kinda dread when the ploy has to go out (thankfully this cold weather has put him in a snugly and sleepy mood).

Thankfully my running group canceled the group run played for 5am (I’m not sure if I even own enough layers for that type of weather).

My dad was in town for the morning (more on that tomorrow) so we went out and about town running some errands.

After he left I snuggled with the boy and watched YouTube videos. I then was off to the gym (woohoo for college gym facilities) but I wasn’t feeling the dreadmill for the day (plus my legs were still a little raw from sat) so I decided to do time on the stationary bike and then did a good amount of weights (woohoo leg day!)

Surprisingly the gym wasn’t terribly business, I guess since they are still getting back in town for classes this week.

My name is Holley and its freezing out but I still got my workout in!


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