What Day is it Again?

9 Jan

Ever have one of those days where you getting ready for bed and you reflect back on your day and the morning just seems like it was a different day? Well if not then whatever, but it happened to me today.

I managed to wake up at 4:20 this morning to get ready for the 5 am group run ( I even managed to get ready without the boy waking up and getting out of bed!). I quickly ushered the boy into his kennel before he knew what happened and then I was off.

Sadly I discovered the gloves I got for Christmas (and have only used once might I add) had ahold in one of them! Sad day!

Anyways got to the group run in the nice chill of 20 degrees and we did approximately a 5k run. We were going to do some cadence drills afterwards but our leader had hurt her foot or something so we decided to call it a morning.

Got back home and took a quick shower and decided to roll back into bed (first day of class and my 8am was cancelled, go figure). I let the boy out and he wen crazy jumping all over me like I had been gone for days instead of an hr. I was afraid he would want to stay up and not go back to bed. Fortunately a switch flipped in his brain and He went from jumping on my stomach to sound asleep in 15 seconds flat (it was crazy).

We ended sleeping for a good 2hrs or so.

Went to my first day of classes, did some GRA work and came home to semi plan a few meals/look at grocery store sales papers and went to get a few groceries.

I guess now its time to go to bed (the boy left me who knows how long ago and is passed out asleep on the bed leaving me in the living room, again).

My name is Holley and did I really run this morning or was that yesterday?


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