Magical White Stuff From the Sky

30 Jan

Snow (noun):               1.a precipitation in the form of ice crystals, mainlyof intricately branched, hexagonal form and often agglomeratedinto snowflakes, formed directly from the freezing of the watervapor in the air.

2. Non-existant white stuff from the sky found in fairy tales and not in real life


Let’s start at the beginning. I’m from Florida born and raised. It doesn’t snow in Florida (ever).  Snow is a thing of myths and fairy tales to someone from Florida. To my fellow Floridians the people from the north are liars and this stuff called “snow” doesn’t even exist. 

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve seen flurries and sleet (thanks to my trip to Ireland mainly) but that only time I ever actually saw snow that stuck to the ground I was 3 yrs old, and I don’t remember it.  Inf fact the only proof that I have that it actually happened is pictures such as these: 



Currently I’m in Alabama for grad school and its been a cold winter thusfar (thanks polar vortex).  Earlier this week I checked the weather on my phone and found this:



Seriously what are those mythical magical signs?

So I’m at work on Monday and then we get a glorious message that class is cancelled on Tuesday due to the winter weather (i.e. ice and SNOW!!), ultimately we end up getting 3 days off for snow which is awesome.  At age 24 and in my last semester of school I officially received my first snow day ever! This Florida girl was pretty giddy with excitement.

It ended up snowing some (compared to up north I know it wasn’t much but still exciting for me).  The roads were extremely icy which ended up in nearby areas causing extreme circumstances (I’m sure you have heard something about it on the news).  And before you start ragging on the South “how can so little snow cause so much problems…. blah blah blah”, just know that we just don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle these type of circumstances, and the thick ice on the roads basically didn’t help things at all.  Its the same with the North and hurricanes or a tornado in Washington D.C. Areas that aren’t used to certain weather patterns just don’t know how to/arent prepared to deal with these things.

I should have taken these three days to be extremely productive but did that happen? No not really I lazed around, the exciting of waiting for snow and then finally getting it was just too much lol.  I am however mostly packed for my trip home (and then ultimately NOLA), did I mention that my marathon is in a few days? 😉  

Although I did have to walk to the gas station because my car was entirely covered in ice and realized that I was out of toilet paper.

Anyways I’ll quit with all of this gab and leave you with some pics from my snow day!


So excited for snow!


Like really excited!


Charlie’s first snow ever!


My first snowman!



What do you mean its cold out?



Got to break out my Wales scarf!




My name is Holley (and I’ll stop boring you with all the pictures) and I saw snow for the first time (that I will actually remember)!!!!!!!


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