So you ran a marathon. Now what?

26 Feb

I was taking a break from homework and thought that now would be the perfect time to get to this post that I have been meaning to write for what seems like ages.

Earlier this month I ran in my first every marathon. My ultimate goal that I have been focused on and looking forward to (not exactly the word choice I would choose) since I joined the FMRMC group last May.  Since then I’ve been taking it kind of easy since I didnt have the motivation of a looming marathon to run.

Part of it was recovery, the other part was a sudden piling on of work for school (and for work) and the last part was a bit of laziness on my behalf.  I admit I haven’t done too much running since then. Altough I have still been going to kickboxing and the dog park AND I miracuously (spelling on that?) made it to the 5am run this past Tuesday. (And if you know me that was a struggle and a half to get to, I can wake up good for the 6am weekend runs but having to wake up around 4/4:30 in the morning for the 5am weekday runs is ROUGH!!)

So I’m slowly working to get back into the routine. I currently am planning on going on a run with the Pharmacy school as they are holding free 5k training sessions this afternoon as I tend to stay more motivated and accountable when I run with the group.

Back to the main topic. Whats next?

If you had asked me right after my marathon if I would ever run a marathon again I would’ve flat out told you “HECK NO!!” (and if I was one  to cuss/curse, which I do not, I wouldve added a rather colorful explitive ). However, Monday night I was in bed and thinking I could do so much better than I did and was already searching for the next one.

I found one in October in Indianapolis when one of my best friends from undergrad is currently living. I haven’t 100% committed to it as of yet as I want to get back into the routine of running first and I want to wait to commit until I start my actual “Big-Girl” job in June, so that I can see how long it takes for me to balance running and a full time job and how vacation days work, etc. But it is currently looking like  strong possibility as I could go and see my best friend who I haven’t seen in ages!! (or at least maybe do the 1/2 marathon). I’ll keep you updated.

I was thinking about doing a 1/2 coming up soon but then I realized that the Month of march is quite busy for me and if I did it that would mean that I would be out of town every weekend in March and then the first weekend in April (thanks to spring break, a traveling broadway play I’m going to see 🙂 and a bridal shower for a wedding that I am in).  So I’ve nixed that.

But I plan on doing a prediction 5k coming up in early March over my spring break and close to St. Patty’s Day, quite excited for that. And I may convince my brother to do the Great Urban Race with me in Atlanta in early April.  I did it last year with one of my friends in the MBA program, and don’t remember if I was blogging then or if I did a recap of it (Ill have to go back and see).

To try and stay with it I am going to see if I can at least find one race a month to do (even if just 5k’s ) as a bit of motivation, but as of right now I don’t have too much planned.

I do however have a few goals that I would eventually love to meet (hopefully break 1 or two of them this year)

  •  1 Mile time: Break a 7:30, In high school my fastest time was 7:48 and I’ve never really been close to that since. During my training my mile time for our mile time trials improved dramatically, even dropping as low as 8:13 on one occasion. I would love to say that I am fastest that I have ever been
  • New 5K PR
  • Break 1hr for 10k – I’ve been pretty consistant at around 1 hr 3 minutes lately so I would love to beat that time

Other happenings with me.

3 weeks ago I officially joined Weight Watchers. I’ve been kind of trying to lose weight on my own and we see how well that has worked for me (It hasn’t).

I first joined weight watchers the summer before my senior year in highschool about 6 years ago (has it really been that long) and had a lot of success with it. However throughout college that weight slowly crept back on.

I think I just do alot better with the accountability that WW provides by going in publicly to weigh in and go to the meetings (even if some meetings don’t really apply to me).  I also like that I can eat really whatever I want, I just have to track it and count how many points it is.  I’ve been able to go out with friends for dinner and still able to lose weight. Heck I can even have icecream everyday (and I think I may have) which is an amazing thought for me and my sweet mouth (not tooth).

Over the past 3 weeks I have successfully been able to lose around 8.5 pounds and I’m sure that as I work to get back on my exercising path I will continue to be successful as this was done with minimal exercise.  I found a good website that has delicious food with the weight watchers points already calculated and I would say I’ve sauted yellow squash to eat about 18 of the 21 days. Prior to this I couldn’t tell you the last time that I ate a piece of squash.

I’ve also been working to drink more water as more often than not I’m like a camel where I drink maybe a little and then hardly drinking anything at all the rest of the day. (Confession: I’ve probably gone some days not drinking anything at all. Bad/Unhealthy I know). I found this App called Plant Nanny which helps to make a “fun” way to track your water and make sure that you drink enough. You plant a plant in a nursery and every time you drink a cup of water you “water” your plant. It will send you reminders when your plant is thristy reminding you to drink.  The more water you drink the more your plant grows till eventually its full grown and produces seeds so that you can plant another plant.  If you don’t water it then it dies.

My name is Holley and I just may run another Marathon.


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