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New Years Resolutions: Part 2

22 Jan

As promised via Resolution #7 before I go to bed on Friday 1/23 here is the second 1/2 of my New Years Resolutions.So here we have Resolutions 8-15.

8. Be a “better Christian”

My faith is something that is important to me, however lately I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell. I don’t read the bible as often as i should or spend enough time in Prayer or quiet time. No Christian is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But this year I want to dedicate more time and work on becoming more “Christ-like”. I need to rely on God and his strength more than my own. Spend more time in deep prayer, dig deeper into the word.

9. Go on more “adventures”

To me adventure is a very abstract word. In college my adventures would range from anything from a swing dancing class to a movie/potluck dinner. Nothing is to big or too small as long as you are having fun, trying something new, or really just getting out there. Post college I have had a few adventures, the Zoo, my racecation to Indy, but I want to have more. “Adventures” are about enjoying life to the fullest. While I may currently live in a very small town there is bound to be new secrets to unravel or history to visit.

10.  Not worry as much

This one kinda goes with adventures, and living life to the fullest. I am a worrier. I worry about money (even though I currently live well within my means and don’t blow my budget), the future (once again money, but how much money will I need/when can I open my own business, buying a house one day, etc). I worry about what people think, I try to please everyone. So this year I’m going to work on that. Who knows what that will bring this year? Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and take a leap of faith. I’m a very risk-adverse type of person, which I know holds me back on occasions on things I truly want to do.

11. Write a book

Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be an author. I even started (didn’t get too far) writing a book/short stories beginning back in middle school. This year I am finally going to do it. Does it have to be published? No. Does it have to be good? No. It just has to be done. Maybe I will pick back up on that book from middle school, or come up with something completely different. Who knows? Either way by the end of the year I will have write a book.

12. Finish that quilt I started years ago

In relation to the book writing i once started making a quilt with my grandmother. It never got finished. I have many a project that I’ve started and not completed because I have been too busy or have been doing 18 million projects all at once. My dad actually told me the other day that I was so involved with stuff in highschool (studying, school, sports, drama club, etc) that my parent’s almost thought they would have to “punish” (not the right terminology here) me to get me to slow down and take a break.  So that king sized quilt with the 5 million pieces I need to cut, sew and iron, it’s getting done.

13. Read More

As mentioned in the past I used to love to read. But lately I have been just too busy to read. So I am setting a goal to read 25 books this year. Really if I had the time I could read faaaar more than that. But setting a number should help me focus down and actually get some reading done. My only problem is I can’t read too much at night before bed. I have an addictive personality and like with many things when it comes to reading ones I start it is hard for me to stop (even if it isn’t that great of a book). A few weeks ago I was reading (one of the not so great books) before bed, 5-6 hours later it was 3am and I finally put it down, and only then because I finished it…. So here is furthering the imagination! One thing I also want to work on is reading different genres than I normally do, to further stretch my mind and knowledge even further.

14. Become more organized

I wouldn’t say that I’m a slob by any means. I’m really good at keeping common areas cleans. However, being closed (or open) doors, my room is a bit of a different story. I’m also a bit of a pack rat. So this year I’m going to work on streamlining my belongings and keeping everything clean and organized. Looking at the disaster of a room as I type this is slightly cringe worthy initself. I’ve got some work to do on that front for sure.

15.  Better my cake/dessert decoration skills

One of my dreams is to own my own bakery one day. I’ve got the skills for the actual desserts (at least I hope I do), but one thing that I know needs some work is my decoration skills, because some things need to look pretty too. So this year will be the year of decoration. Cookies, cakes, etc. I’m going to work on expanding my skills as a dessert person. I’ve always wanted to try to making Sugar Flowers, this year will be a perfect opportunity to learn how to do so!

So there you have it all 15 of my Resolutions for 2015.

Sorry if these were a little clipped/disjointed, some were more specific others very general. I wanted to make sure it all got out there and didn’t bore you too much. Now that I’ve got my resolutions out there for all to hold me acocuntable, what are your New Year’s resolutions? How are they going so far? How can I help hold you accountable for them?

My name is Holley and I’ve set a ridiculous number of resoultions this year.


New Years Resolutions Part 1:

21 Jan

So they say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so I figured that before publishing my New Years Resolutions I would wait 21 days to decide if I still wanted to make them. Seems fair enough right? I figure I would change it up from the norm to give it a little bit of thought as to what my resolutions are.  Some I’m already slightly behind on, some I haven’t started yet, some are more like a one time goal, many are fitness related, some are not, some I will definitely keep/make, others are more of nebulous big hairy goal that may or may not happen. Confusing enough already?

So I decided that for 2015 I was going to have 15 Resolutions. Yes you read that right 15. Apparently “they say” that its best (and you are more likely to keep them) if you only have 1-2 resolutions, but scratch what “they” say. So without further ado here are the first 7 of my resolutions (in no particular order).

1. Run 2015km in 2015 

This is one of the goals that I ama slightly already behind on and is one of the big hairy goals that I set big to hopefully  help me work on my fitness (cue Fergie singing in the background).  2015km is 1252 miles!!! I honestly don’t know how much I ran in 2014 but it was definitely nowhere near that. Keeping a better track of my miles in itself will be a victory here. Its been alot harder to run since moving over the summer and starting a real job, I miss the free time and flexibility of college life. My running game has honestly been poor as of late and I hope this challenge, group community will help me get it back into shape, even if i don’t make the miles.

I know I’ve gushed about the wonderful running community and their great support of all runners. This is a challenge once again put on by this wonderful group. Run this year is a year-long running challenge. Some people are running 2015 miles for 2015 other 2015km and others setting their own goal. The support and accountability are what I am really looking forward to with this group.

Check out their site for more information. Or follow the hashtag #runthisyear on different social media sites to keep up with everyone!

2. Run my second marathon! 

2014 saw me running my first ever marathon RNR NOLA (it’s almost my 1 year anniversary of running it!!) and 1/2 marathon #2. I already have 1/2 #3 signed up for in March (although my current poor running could be interesting for this) and potential others in the works. The next step which would require huuuuge commitment is another full marathon.

My goal is the Marine Corps Marathon in D.C. in October. I’ve never been to D.C. before and a little runcation could be just what the doctor ordered. (For 1/2 #2 I took a racecation to Indianapolis and it was awesome). This year though that race is moving to a lottery system so if I don’t get into that one my backup race is The Pensacola marathon. I ran the 1/2 as 1/2 #1 so it would really be bringing my racing full circle.

3.  Complete an unassited pull-up/chin up

I’ve never done much weight training at all but recently I thought it may be a good cross training to add in (since my beloved kickboxing classes are currently not an option). This for me would be a huge accomplishment to even complete one unassisted pull-up/chin up. I’ve currently been using the assisted machine at the gym (where you increase the weight to counteract your body weight) The more weight you put on it the easier it is for you to do said exercise (pull-up, chin up, dips, etc).

I started off with 100lbs weight on it. Today I was able to do chin ups with only 80 pounds on it! Originally it was just going to be pull-up but then I realized what I was actually doing was chin-ups so I slightly modified this resolution.

4.  Get Fit /Lose Weight

Most people have this on their resolutions list did you think I would be much different? I have an obvious goal weight in mind however I’m going to try to focus on fit and feel than actual lbs.

5. Pay off my student loans

This is another big hairy audacious goal primarily made to keep me motivated. While I was blessed to not have to take any student loans out for undergrad. My time in grad school (out-of-state) unfortunately did not afford that luxury. I was able to qualify for in state tuition and had a graduate assistantship that help to defray some costs but graduating in 2015 with two masters also left me with 5 digits in student loans. Typically student loan repayment plans are set for about 10 years. I however am stubborn and do not want to pay the interest that accrues during that time and hope to pay it off in a total of 1.5 years. (crazy I know)  I’m fairly good at managing my money. I have a loose budget that I keep and currently pay way more than my required payment each month so I’m looking good to either pay it off or have a huge amount paid off by the end of the year. I was able to pay off a good chunk last year, however with plans for a possible racecation and other things that may come up it would be pretty tight to pay it off this year.

6. Spend less time with technology

This one may seem to counteract the next resolution a bit but thinking more about it, it doesnt. Lately I have found myself a little too technology obsessed. First this I do in the morning I check my phone. Before I go to bed I’m on my phone. I’m on the same sites just refreshing them for ages on it. Lunch break? I’m on my phone. It needs to stop. So my goal here is to reduce my dependency on technology. Granted some of it I may replace and be okay with. For example. If I am on my kindle reading a book that will be okay because I will be reading and not aimlessly looking at a screen for the next like or comment. I will spend more time outdoors (when it’s light out, thanks time change…), playing with the dog, doing puzzles, etc. Things I used to do all the time but haven’t in ages because I have my face glued to a screen. Measuring this will be hard and I may have to work on it some but it will happen.

7. Be more consistent at blogging

If you haven’t noticed my blogging as been pretty poor as of late and I am to fix this.  While all my other goals/resolutions are more so in a random order this one was a little more purposeful. I can’t just keep tweeting or saying “look out for this blog post tomorrow” and not blog. It isn’t fair for my readers, it isn’t fair to me. And I lose trust with y’all when I don’t follow through. So while I haven’t thought of a punishment yet this is a two-part resolution.

a. If I say (whether by a previous post, or social media) that I am going to get a post upload by X date/time. Then          goodness gracious I will get that post up by said time.

b. To further encourage blog writing I will post at a minimum once a week. While not an extravagant amount (and hopefully it should be more than this) this at least holds me accountable as to what I need to do.

Ending with Resolution 7. I will have Part 2 of this post up before I go to bed on Friday with the remaining Resolutions.

My name is Holley and I’m not fully sure what I’ve gotten myself into this year.