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The ABC’s of Lil (well right now Big) ol’ Me!

9 Jul
Today I was tagged to do the ABC’s of me by Jen.  Jen is one of the most supportive and uplifting people in our FMRMC group (all the ladies are fantastic btws). Check out her amazing journey here.
I figured this would be a quick and easy post to get in for the week 🙂 Let me know if you have any random question you would love to ask!
A. Attached or Single?  Single. Have you not read my post about trying to snag a man by “twisting” my ankle? Also on the #runchat chat Sunday they asked if you could run with anyone for an hour who would it be and why? I responded with Orlando Bloom so that I could “sprain” my ankle and he would carry me home.  A fellow runner responded and said that if I replaced O.B. with Channing Tatum that she would take that deal.  I said I’m not too picky when it come to attractive actors 🙂
B. Best Friend?  My freinds from undgrad. Megan – we were attached at the hip and people thought we were the same person, Claire my first friend at FSU (I can’t wait to skype with them both tonight as we plan our trip to NYC that is less than a month away!!) , Amanda, Brianna and Olivia all of whom were my roommates at some point and the many adventures we shared (plus 2 weddings that I was beyond grateful to be a part of!)

(Amanda and I when a group of my friends took a 14 hr road trip for an away football game in 2011)

C. Cake or pie? 

Cake, your talking to a baker here 🙂

D. Day of choice? probably Friday
E. Essential Item?  A good cookbook, and electronics
F. Favorite color? Lime Green!
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy Bears, well really anything gummy I love
H. Home town? Pensacola, Fl
I. Favorite Indulgence? Once again your talking to a baker here so many choices but I love s’mores or any type of bread
J. January or July? January. I’m from Florida and July means crazy hot weather
K. Kids? Furbaby – Charlie (the pup) and Yoshi (my cat who lives with my parents and only really likes my mom)
L. Life isn’t complete without? God, Friends and Family
M. Marriage date? See A. It would be really weird if I had this and not the other, although whenever I actually get married I have a generally idea of when I would like to.
N. Number of brothers/sisters? Younger brother Casey who is 20 and I had a younger sister Shelbey who passed away when she was 2 she would have been 18.
O. Oranges or Apples?  Apples, I like orange flavor but not actual oranges. And the apples would either have to be peeled or cooked.  I’m slightly allergic to the skin, I think its because of the pollen thats on it.  Up until recently I thought it was normal for your lips to tingle and burn after eating apples.
P. Phobias? Absolutely hate snakes and I can’t watch people on t.v/ movies when they are obviously embarrassing themselves.
Q. Quotes? “Don’t be irreplaceable, if your can’t be replaced you can’t be promoted”, “Reach for the moon because even if you miss you will land among the stars”  “If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”
R. Reasons to smile?  This face
And this one (click the link) 
S. Season of choice? Fall, once again Florida girl and it just gets so darn hot all the time
T. Tag 5 People  fattymustrun (Julie) , tinamymy (Tina) , amber_mozet (amber) , diawalker (dianne) , seesylrun (Sylvia)
U. Unknown fact about me?  I learned that my fingers were doubled jointed in middle school during FCAT (stupid standarized testing across the state, I would always finish way ahead of the alloted time because to me it was easy and they wouldn’t let you do anything like read or nap )
V. Vegetable? Zipper peas (i think thats what they are called) or cucumbers 
W. Worst habit? I love to cook/ bake but hate to clean. So if I’m at home with family I try to pawn that part off on other people by “forgetting it” in the sink…
X. Xray or Ultrasound? X-ray? I’m a slightly awkward person and think ultrasounds are awkward
Y. Your favorite food?  Please don’t make me choose! Too many things I like, now if you said a certain type or a place to eat then I could pick my favories in that category
Z. Zodiac sign? Saggitarious
My name is Holley and now you know me (kinda ) from A to Z!
***side note I just realized that worpress screwed up my spacing AGAIN! (what the heck?!) hopefully this can be fixed because on my edit page it is all spaced nicely, sorry friends!****

Black is my best friend

29 Apr

Hello blogworld how are you today?

This is me (the one on the left) visiting one of my friends (who I never get to see as I am off at graduate school) and her dog Stella.

Black is my best friend

While not the best quality picture because it was taken with my phone, I am surprised at how flattering this picture is of me(maybe its because I am wearing black) and by some force of nature my hair decided to behave.  I am not a skinny-minnie by any means but nor am I obese, however I could stand to be a bit healthier.  (I could show some of the more unflattering pictures but I think I might save those until I have some after pictures to compare to.)

That is one of my goals for this year : be healthier (which is a problem because I am an avid baker and love to bake cookies and cakes whenever I get the chance)

This is me putting it all out there, or at least attempting to.

Like an person on this planet with two X chromosomes (that is the one for female right? I was never good at science) I am insecure about my weight.  Have I ever vocalized these insecurities to anyone? No, well maybe with the exception of one or two rare people.  No I have gone these ups and downs in my life internally. When friends talk about themselves saying “I’m so fat” verbally I tell them that they are crazy, because they are to think that, but in my head I am thinking “If you think you are fat then I must be a whale”.

But today I have decided to take a stand and using the media that is so filled our lives today I have decided to blog about it.  Do I care if anyone reads it? No, but I do hope that maybe it can help to reach other people where we can build an uplifting community.

Throughout this process I will tell you about my struggles, my successes, my past , to well just anything in general, and you will also hear A TON about my dog.  If I tried to put it all together here and now you would probably end up with a novel that you would not want to read, If you haven’t picked it up already I tend to ramble.

Now you may think to yourself “The Dog with the Broken Ear” that is a weird name for a self-discovery/trying to be healthy/etc blog” and I admit it, it kinda is, but I promise there is a reason behind it.



This is Charlie.  He is my 1.5 year Beagle/Basset Hound mix and he is pretty much my life, I seriously treat him as if he is my own child.  We say that he has a broken ear or ears because quite regularly one or both of his ears ends up flipped over the wrong way and he never seems to given any indication of either noticing or caring (I hope to get a picture of that up soon but for now this is what you are left with).

And that is what I want to get out of this experience.  I was want to be “the dog with the broken ear” the one who just loves who they are and being with who they are with and not caring what other people think, the one who may look ridiculous at times but doesn’t care , the one whose vocabulary does not even know the meaning of self-conscious.

My name is Holley I am overweight and I want to be just like the dog with the broken ear.