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Auburn Classic (Race Recap)

24 Jan

So obviously I’ve been failing alot lately (I feel like this post is totally de ja vu or however you spell it), I fell off the wagon with janathon (even though I did quite well with junathon) and some of my other goals are slightly out the window. So for the last time. I’m sorry.

I’ve decided now though that I need to stop appologizing and get to working. So no more sorrys from me. I’ve still been working out (mostly) and as you know (or probably don’t since I’ve been blog slacking) my FIRST ever MARATHON!!!! is coming up in just over a week (8 days 20 hours and 4 minutes from the initial point of this writing to be exacty, but whose counting?).

So as I’m leading up to this marathon I plan on getting up some race recaps (that never seem to get posted) in order to help me get back on track.  After my marathon I will then decide what I need to do in terms of blogging (it will still happen just need to set a strict schedule or something for myself).  And maybe work on not using as many () but if I do still overly use them then I am not appologizing for it. 🙂

So to start off my race recaps I’ll get into a race that I did last Sat.  For my training run I only needed to do 6 miles (as I am in the dreaded and uncertain taper time).  Lo and behold there was a 10k and 1/2 marathon going on in Auburn at the same time. Obviously I knew about this ahead of time and my running group decided that we would all use it as our training runs with the marathon peeps doing the 10k and the 1/2 ers doing the 1/2 (and a few of them used it as their actual race as they will not be traveling down to NOLA with us).

The Auburn Classic was awesome and very well put together (much better organized and sponsored than the 10k I did back in March/April where they ran out of food and water, even though it had a much more exciting finish on the 50 yard line inside the football stadium).  Back to the race at hand. It was organized by the local running club AORTA (Auburn Opelika Running (or is it Racing) Track Association) and had many sponsors including the favorite local running store Big Dog Running Company.  The had a nice little expo the day of packet pickup and the goody bag had a lot of little coupons a water bottle from one of the sponsors and a pretty nice technical shirt, which I will try to post a picture of when I get home.

Race day conditions weren’t the most ideal, although I did get to sleep in as the race wasn’t until 7:30 when we normally run at 6:00 Sat mornings.  It was freezing! That darn polar vortex made it about 25 degrees (and with the wind chill probably much colder), but they did have a few heat lamps set up down where the expo was, which made the anticipation for start time even more high strung.  Even with the cold weather there was still about 400+ runners that came out for the race with more people surprisingly opting for the 1/2 over the 10k. And there was approximately 100 or runners in a shadow run in the middle east with some of the U.S. soldiers stationed there.

I met up with most of my running group so that we could take a pre-race picture, unfortunately our valiant leader had come down with a leg injury so she was unable to race (and wont be able to run the marathon anymore) but she came in the cold to support us all.


Most of the Group Pre-Race (Amanda and Craig in the back ran their 1st 1/2 marathon!!)


I opted to up my interval times to a 4 minute run 1 minute walk for this race just to add a bit more endurance, which will hopefuly help when I drop down to lower intervals for the marathon.  After the national anthem we were off and running (literally). I quickly broke off from the rest of my running group as we were running at different interval times and soon it was just me (and obviously the other runners around me that I didn’t know). I didn’t run with music for this race for several reasons.  1. I’ve gotten used to not running with music as I normally have been running with someone who was my same pace, unfortunately she was in the Florida Keys that weekend for her goal race 1/2 marathon so it was just me. 2. My dog ate my running headphones and I hade not had time to go and get a new pair (more stories on the pup later I know yall have been missing them).  So I have been debating now if I am going to use music during my marathon, what do you think should I?

The course was hilly (although not too bad), which granted any race set in Auburn is going to be full of hills, which should help with the flat race of New Orleans. But it was wonderfully staffed. There were a multide of volunteers at traffic lights and intersections all very pleasant and cheering you on. There was not one opportunity for someone to get lost (like the finish on the 50 race) as there was always a volunteer pointing you in the right direction. And for standing out in the freezing cold not moving much they all seemed like they were having a good time.

Maybe it was the cold and wind but I felt like I was running extremely slow (even though I wasn’t and actually ran about 30 seconds faster than my 10k race in December). With my intervals obviously some people were passing me as they just ran the whole thing but as I got closer to the end I would eye certain people that either we would go back and forth or they were ahead of me that I decided in my head I wanted to pass at the finish line.  So for the last mile and a half during my run intervals I did a bit of speed(ish) work and would push hard to run faster. It paid off in the end because as we neared the finish line straightaway I put on the afterburners and was able to pass everyone that I had set out to pass.

I finished my 10k in 1 hr 3 minutes and 20 seconds and now (after my marathon) I have a new goal of breaking 1 hr for a 10k.  They had a fun dj at the finish line and after finishing I went to where the expo was set up and they had post race refreshments. They had muffins and bread from Panera Bread, doughnuts from a local doughnut shop, cupcakes , bananas fruit, water and whole containers of TrueMoo Chocolate milk! I have never had that brand of chocolate milk but let me tell you it was pretty good!


We are the last 2 standing for our group (for the marathoners that is)

I was the first one of my group to finish and as such my leader didnt see me cross the finish line (she had went to her car to grab a blanket but then realized that I may have already finished so she hurried back).  I stuck around and waited for the rest of the group to finish their race. Amanda was near the end and the sweetest thing happened. There was a bunch of ROTC guys in uniform and they escorted her to the finish. We later said that she did that on purpose so that she could have military guys bring her in.

photo 1

Yummy Chocoalte Milk!

They even had pretty neat little medals that everyone got for finishing the race and the top finishers in each category took home (I think) a giftcard to the local running store and 2nd/3rd places got a nice magnet with the race logo on it.

photo 2

Cold and windy finish!

All in all it was a wonderful race and I would definitely run it again!

Photo: Look what came in the mail yesterday!

Medals that all the finishers recieved

My name is Holley and it is just over a week until I run my first marathon!!!!!!!!!!!


What Day is it Again?

9 Jan

Ever have one of those days where you getting ready for bed and you reflect back on your day and the morning just seems like it was a different day? Well if not then whatever, but it happened to me today.

I managed to wake up at 4:20 this morning to get ready for the 5 am group run ( I even managed to get ready without the boy waking up and getting out of bed!). I quickly ushered the boy into his kennel before he knew what happened and then I was off.

Sadly I discovered the gloves I got for Christmas (and have only used once might I add) had ahold in one of them! Sad day!

Anyways got to the group run in the nice chill of 20 degrees and we did approximately a 5k run. We were going to do some cadence drills afterwards but our leader had hurt her foot or something so we decided to call it a morning.

Got back home and took a quick shower and decided to roll back into bed (first day of class and my 8am was cancelled, go figure). I let the boy out and he wen crazy jumping all over me like I had been gone for days instead of an hr. I was afraid he would want to stay up and not go back to bed. Fortunately a switch flipped in his brain and He went from jumping on my stomach to sound asleep in 15 seconds flat (it was crazy).

We ended sleeping for a good 2hrs or so.

Went to my first day of classes, did some GRA work and came home to semi plan a few meals/look at grocery store sales papers and went to get a few groceries.

I guess now its time to go to bed (the boy left me who knows how long ago and is passed out asleep on the bed leaving me in the living room, again).

My name is Holley and did I really run this morning or was that yesterday?

Last day

8 Jan

Ugg so apparently the Internet on my laptop isn’t working right now (my whole computer is acting quite slow) so I’m forced to scratch this out on a mobile device…

Today was my last day before the start of my last semester in grad school!! Well technically classes started today but I don’t have class on Wednesdays.

Because I’m running with the group in the am (first time back!) I once again went to the gym did some strength training (abs and arms) and 25 minutes on e stationary bike.

If I keep up this work with weights I will have some nice muscles in no time! Surprisingly the gym wasn’t too crazy considering it was the first day back and all the New Years resolutioners.

My name is Holley and I have a love/hate relationship with technology.

So so cold

7 Jan

Ok so I woke up this morning to absolutely freezing weather. Apparently due to some “arctic vortex” extremely cold air was pushed far down South. When I got up it was 12 degrees (is this real life?) for my UK friends that equates to about -11 degrees C (according g to a quick Internet search). For a Florida girl born and bread this is some crazy cold weather!

I kinda dread when the ploy has to go out (thankfully this cold weather has put him in a snugly and sleepy mood).

Thankfully my running group canceled the group run played for 5am (I’m not sure if I even own enough layers for that type of weather).

My dad was in town for the morning (more on that tomorrow) so we went out and about town running some errands.

After he left I snuggled with the boy and watched YouTube videos. I then was off to the gym (woohoo for college gym facilities) but I wasn’t feeling the dreadmill for the day (plus my legs were still a little raw from sat) so I decided to do time on the stationary bike and then did a good amount of weights (woohoo leg day!)

Surprisingly the gym wasn’t terribly business, I guess since they are still getting back in town for classes this week.

My name is Holley and its freezing out but I still got my workout in!

Bride for the Day

5 Jan

Well this post is a little later than actually planned (I got sucked in the 2hr. US premiere of Downton Abbey), but its still getting in before the end of the day.

A was a little understandably sore from yesterday’s long run so I didn’t do any formal exercise in but I did get in about 3 hrs of almost straight walking so I will count that for my Janathon efforts.

So I guess I need to explain the title of this post (and where the 3hrs comes in), one of my really good friends is getting married in July and I am a bridesmaid. Today my hometown held a bridal expo at the civic center. Myself, another bridesmaid and the mother of the bride (she is like a second mother to all of the bridesmaids) went to the expo right when it opened at 11 to check out the different vendors and start gathering information. The bride had to work until 1pm this she would miss the first part of the expo. Many of the vendors had raffles or giveaways that were ment specifically for the bride. Well since the our bride wasn’t there and he other bridesmaid was married I became the stand in bride and got to talk to all of vendors when they inevitably asked “whose the bride?”.

Luckily I know the bride pretty well so when asked certain details about the wedding, colors, flowers, etc, I was able to tell them what they actually were. We got to try some delicious food and see all sorts of different vendors from photographers, photo booths, caterers, gyms, venues and more (the local animal shelter also had dogs up for adoption).

They also had a bridal show where models walked the runway in wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses (and several guys in suits who had what I deemed “hungry eyes” when they showed off their escort).

The bride was able to make it for part of the show and she actually won some really nice earrings in a raffle! (Hopefully they will draw other stuff for her to win).

So while I didn’t run or do weights or anything today I would definitely say that the expo from 11-4 was a workout in itself. I even had to awkwardly climb up some stairs when we sat to watch the runway show, much to my friends amusement.

My name is Holley and I am not a bride (although my drama club skills did come in handy when I pretended to be one).

Long Slow Burn

4 Jan

Ok so I slightly lied a bit. I told you that today would be a long post but its not because I’m too tired to do anything. Lol

Why am I tired you ask? I ran close to 25 miles today ( and feeling every bit of it)!

So once I recover some tomorrow ill give a better recap.

My name is Holley and boy am I tired!!

I Don’t like the Dentist

2 Jan

Nothing more to the title really, my dentist is really nice but I hate going because I feel like I always have something wrong every time I go for a cleaning.  I didn’t have the best oral hygiene habits when I was a young child (much to my parents chagrin) and its starting to bite me in the rear end (even though I have turned over a new leaf in this regard for many years now).

Lets get down to Janathon Day 2! Yesterdays post was written on my iPad (thus the brevity) versus todays on an actual laptop making it much easier to type.  For more information on Janathon follow the link here

Janathon participant logo



There are a couple of other things that I am participating in this year (but we will leave that to another day).

So  as you know (or don’t if your a new reader) I do not have a gym membership. When I am in school my student fees allow me to use the crazy nice state of the art gym on campus (the new one just opened this past semester).  However right now I am on Christmas break and thus no access to a gym.  My brother however, does have a gym membership to Planet Fitness and I always have to bribe him to take me to the gym (he is allowed 1 guest each day).

Today he was supposed to take me to the gym but went to hang out with friends and I had about given up hope that he was coming back before I went to bed.  Instead of doing nothing though I went on the treadmill to pound out some miles while watching tv on my ipad (to help pass the time).  No sooner had I completed 1 mile that my brother walked in the door and decided that he could take me to the gym!

I stop the dreaded treadmill and happily trot to the gym where my abs and arms instantly rebelled with all the situps, free weights and machine weights that I did.  I can’t list out everything I did today (Because honestly I don’t know the names of 1/2 of them and I don’t think my descriptions or made up names would be of any help) but in total I did 1 mile on the treadmill and 1 hr at the gym doing strength conditioning.

Tomorrow will be a light day exercicse wise because I have a 20+ mile run scheduled for Sat!

My name is Holley and I’m so happy I got to go to the gym today (ask me tomorrow and I’m not sure that my jelly arms would agree).