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Juneathon: A Recap

30 Jun

Well today is June 30 marks the end of Juneathon.  I just finished a simple 1 mile run and was about to get ready for My Joust the Jolly Challenge (which I will review later this week).  After today I’ll be going back to my 3 posts a week which should allow me time to put some more time into my posts.

So with Juneathon I have successfully worked out every single day of the month and blogged everyday about it.  In June alone I have run just over 58 miles (which is nearly 3 times the distance I ran in May, that I recorded at least) and have a current runstreak of 35 days and just over 65 miles!!

I’ve started making running more of a habit now and has been more natural to me, even if I only go for a short distance it has allow med to have some sort of exercise daily.  My Mom even told me in the car “you’ve really gotten into this running thing haven’t you?” and I figure thats a good thing.

Since I can’t really competively play sports like I did in high-school I need some sort of excercise (especially if I want to continue baking, lol).

So as I bid June adieu (spelling?) I have alot to look forward to for June.

  • I have the next set of goals for the FMRMC challenge (to be discussed later this week).
  • My group 1/2 marathon training officially begins (I’ve never done any sort of running training with a group before).
  • I may be doing my first mudrun this weekend (I’m excited!!!)
  • My internship comes to a close (well technically on August 2 but close enough) (crazy how time is flying!)

photo (12)

My name is Holley and I have successfully completed Juneathon!!


Korean Chicken Salad

29 Jun

So the family got in last night, dad has the krud (mix of cold/flu/whatever) so hasn’t been up to doing much. We did however go to this antique mall that we visit whenever they come up and spent over 2 hours scouring the booths to see what we could find.

I found a couple of little things, however still couldn’t find the perfect cast iron skillet ( I have a few but was looking for something in particular) and dad found some old timey glass cookie jars he has been wanting, while mom added to her ever growing egg cup collection. We had the most amazing chicken salad for lunch from a place called the chicken salad chick (they have 15 different kinds of chicken salad!)

For dinner we went adventurous and had some Korean BBQ , that was sure an experience.

I then took my brother to the track where we learned that Korean food and a 5k run don’t really go together well. Lol. Now I’m just waiting for my turn for the shower and then we are going to watch a movie we rented from redbox.

My name is Holley and Korean food does not go well with a run.

Friday night dash

28 Jun

So I literally have like 5 minutes to write this post. My parents and brother are almost in town to visit me for the weekend and i know that once they get in for the night i wont have time to write this, so pardon my brevity.

Workout today included a made dash of last minute cleaning followed by a 1 mile jog.

Tomorrows post will probably also be brief.

My name is Holley and I’m excited for my family to come visit me!

My Own Private Dance Party

27 Jun

First things first, don’t forget to vote which workout challenge you think I should on Sunday!

For today thunder, rain and lightning ment another indoor jog today.  I also just found out that Nike+ had an indoor tracker so I was actually avle to track the distance I had run inside instead of just running for a long time and and then taking the minimum amount of distance that I had run. So today I did just over a mile.

Also have been watching youtube videos on repeat all evening and had my own little dance party/zumba party in my apartment.  The boy definitely thought I was crazy.

One song that I have played like 20 times tonight is Acapella by Karmin. Here is the link to the video on youtube.

It’s only a lyric video but I think its the best lyric video I’ve seen and should be the actual video. I danced like crazy to it so that was for sure some of a work out, in fact as I writing this now I’ve been having the song on repeat playing. lol I am definitely going to be adding this song to my running playlist (that is if I can stop dancing long enough to actually run!)

Had a little frog scare earlier in the apartment. This huge frog/toad/monster snuck into the apartment when I let the boy out on his tether so that he could go potty.  It hopped over and hid on the tv stand where I couldn’t see it.  Thankfully the boy didn’t see it or it could have been crazy, but I still wasn’t fond of having a frog lurking in my apartment.  Who knows where it could’ve turned up or I didn’t want to deal with a dead frog.  Later on it made a break for it but thankfully the boy tried to play with it but was easy on it so I was able to distract him long enough to push the frog (it was reluctant) out the back door. Bullet dodged there!

My name is Holley and my party of 1 dance parties are awesome.


Joust the Jolly :Round 1

26 Jun

New level unlocked!!!!

It’s time for Joust the Jolly (round 1) where YOU get to choose which workout challenge I will do!  It’s your chance dear readers to voice your opinion! I know your there, I see the views and the likes, don’t be shy!

Here’s how its going to work (at least for this round, still working on the official rules):

  •  I will provide you with a choice of workout challenges
  • To cast your vote simply leave a comment below as to which one I should do
  • Come Sunday whichever challenge gets the most votes will be the winner
  • On Sunday I will do a 1 mile run (gotta keep the run streak alive) followed by the winning challenge

This round the challenge is inspired by Pinterest (particullary movies and tv) workouts (lets face it most of the challenges will come in some way shape or form from Pinterest).

The Contenders:

The Harry Potter Workout Challenge

In this challenge I would watch one of the Harry Potter movies and do something in particular everytime something specific happens (for example a spell is cast).

Here is a picture of one of the challenges:

Now I would have to check to see if there was a different one for specific movies (obviously points aren’t awarded in the latter movies) becuase while I have all the movies, I only have certain ones up here at school with me.

Next up we have the Lord of the Rings Workout

(to be honest the rest of these workouts I weren’t sure if they had I just googled it because I love the movies/shows)

Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies of all times (I often enjoyed watching the extended version’s cast commentary, nerd I know).  Once again if this one is chosen I may look through all of the LOTR workouts online to choose the best one.

And Finally we have the Doctor Who workout:

Since Doctor Who is a t.v. series and not a movie if this one is chosen I will do the workout for an equivalant of the average movie time.

Quick Juneathon Update:  Today I ran over 2 miles and tool the pup on a short walk, long day at work but the weekend is close at hand!

So go ahead leave a comment!

Which Workout challenge will I do?

Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? or Doctor Who? It’s up to you to decide!!!

My name is Holley and I want you to choose which workout I will do!

Help I’ve “Fallen” and I “Can’t” Get Up

25 Jun

Juneathon Day 25: Today I had a plan when I went to go on my run and I completely ignored it.  The orignal plan was to do 15 minute run 3-4 minute walk intervals repeated 2-3 times.

What actually happend? I ran a straight 5k.  As I was running I was going at a pretty comfortable pace, slower than normal but not too much slower and I realized that I could run a little farther.  I convinced myself to run to 2 miles and when I got there I convinced myself to go 2.5.  By then I figured why not go ahead and get my June timed 5k out of the way.  So that is what I did. I still got it under 30 minutes but not by much, because as mentioned many times before my run seems to be all hill.  In fact I deliberately avoided one of the hills till the very end because I know that when I turned around to go back up the hill then my run would be over with.

So yay another 3 miles in the books!

So where I run there have been several rather attractive males that I tend to pass on my run.  With my crazy creative mind I have come up with a fool proof plan to snag me a man.  The plan is when on my run and spotting the identified target to “fall” and “sprain” my ankle in a strategic place in the path nearby.  Said attractive male will then “rescue” me and help me back home.  I will be so thankful that I offer to buy him coffee or something (I don’t drink coffee). And thus it will be a match made in heaven. Sounds like a solid plan right?

I also had a similar plan when I first got the boy.  They say puppies attract the ladies so in my case why couldn’t attract the fellas?  Here was my plan: there was a lake and track near where I lived in undergrad that was pretty popular for people to walk around and sit around.  The plan was to take the boy on a walk, spot an attractive male and as I walked by “accidentally” drop a treat on the ground.  Charlie would then “rip” the lease out of my hand (to go for the treat) and I would chase after him to catch him.  Said fella would then catch the boy and save the day by returning him to me.  We would have some small talk and then I would be so thankful that I would ask him to one of the small shops near the lake and our romance would blossom from there.

Alas neither of these plans have or will transpire, lol.

My name is Holley and you can’t blame a girl from trying right?

What day is it again?

24 Jun

Well. Here goes another short and sweet post, the day just flew away from me. Did a lot of work cleaning up the apartment today. The fam is coming up for the weekend so I need to make sure it’s extra presentable so they can spend the night up here.

That was a good bit or work with still a little more to go. Who could have thought my apartment could get so messy so acolytes after I clean?

Juneathon in a nutshell: clean, clean , dog park , clean, run , shower, blog , sleep 🙂

Knees were a little achy today so I kept my run short.

My name is Holley and this is probably the quickest post I have written.