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How Not to Train for a 1/2 Marathon

5 Nov

Hey there! Let’s skip past the un-pleasantries and excuses as to why it has been a millennium since my last post and get right too it.

From the title you can probably surmise 2 things:

  1. I recently ran a ½ marathon
  2. I failed in my training for said marathon

If you deduced the above then *ding* *ding**ding* we have a winner! I indeed did run a ½ marathon (the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this past Sat. race recap should be up on Friday) and I wouldn’t exactly recommend my training to anyone.  Now before we go too far I will let you know that my race actually went extremely well and I am really happy with it (but if you take away the 4ish points below at least my time may have been much better).

Without further ado:

  1. Train hardly at all

Yes I know this one is fairly obvious. If you don’t train how do you expect to finish the race (or at enjoy it). I did start out with a training plan. I was going to use the same Galloway training plan that I had previously done for my last ½ last year. But inevitably I seemed to find excuse after excuse.

I just graduated. I just moved to a new town. I just started my first salaried job. Its summer and hot here. I don’t have my tried and true running group to hold me accountable. I don’t know where to run here. There isn’t a running group here…”

And onward the excuses roll. Granted I did work out. I was fairly consistent in playing wallyball once a week (its like volleyball in a racquetball court) and then ultimate Frisbee once a week. I would then supplement that with an occasional run and gym work out (and recently have gotten back into doing Zumba 1-2 times a week).

But in all honesty, with the exception of Ultimate I hardly ran. And then when I did run I somehow hurt myself stupidly which took time to heal and ment I couldn’t run.  It also probably wasn’t the smartest to get my wisdom teeth out in the midst of the “injuries” and training, while this didn’t take much out of my training it did take out some.

Before race day I may and I stress may have ran 4 miles once. I went several times out for long runs and would ultimate convince myself to turn in at 3 miles.  Basically it was a failure. This alone would have rightfully been enough to give in on the race (boy am I glad I didn’t though). And I was ready to fully accept the ½ no matter how hard and horrible it may turn out (hint it didn’t turn out bad at all) as my punishment for lack of training.

Basically train for a race. Among many things it helps to prevent potential injuries.

  1. Wipe out on a run and bust your knees wide open

So one day I was going out for a planned 6-8 mile run because I knew with my lack of training (see #1) that I really needed to go on a long run. I woke up one Sat morning and it was prefect out. Temperatures were mild and there was a nice breeze (previous weeks it had been so hot that if you didn’t get up super early then it would be too hot for a run). I had planned a 4 mile loop that started downtown and looped around the local (albeit small) university that I would run1.25-2 times back to my car.

I parked my car, started my garmin and was off for my run. Right at 2 miles in (and remember to miles from my car) when a song came on my phone that I really got into. For a split second I stopped paying attention to where I was going, and in that split second I found myself wiped out on the sidewalk.  Yes. I had tripped on the uneven sidewalk. Looking back that particular piece of sidewalk was so uneven, that with my low stride that even if I was paying 100% attention then I would have at least stumbled on the sidewalk.

So back to it. I was on the sidewalk. I had scrapped up both of my knees fairly decently (they looked worse than they were) and both my hands and I was 2 miles from my car. I will spare you from pictures. I kept walking for a bit and tried to clean up my knees with my water bottle but that didn’t really work.  I kept walking for a bit and debated on continuing my run but looking at my knees they looked bad and probably would scare bystanders (if there were any, apparently no one is up on a sat morning in this place).

I was near one of my co-workers apts so I called him to see if I could come and clean up my knees (and perhaps get a ride back to my car). But he didn’t answer his phone…

After a short debate in what to do I remembered that about a ¼ of a mile away I passed a fire station.  Long story short I walked to the fire station, called them (they weren’t exactly open), got cleaned up some and then had to walk the 2 miles back to my car. I promptly treated myself to a pastry to-go from a local bakery before driving to CVS for supplies for my wounds.

After this I taped up my knees and they took a good while before I could even go out for another run. Since it was on the knee (and both of them to boot) they took a while to heal and at some points it was difficult to walk.

This injury alone took time and preparedness out of my already lacking training. So note to all. Pay attention to where you are running and don’t get too into your music, you never know when your knees and the sidewalk will decide to become best friends.

  1. Run barefoot over rocks and glass

Ready for another odd injury?

So as my dad likes to say little broken ear (the pup) gets a wild hair (or is it hare?) every once and awhile and decides that he just wants to run. Given that I now live in a town with no dog park for him to burn energy, and I currently don’t live in a place with a backyard I suppose it was bound to happen here eventually. My roommate (my aunt) came in to the apartment one day and suddenly the boy bolts between her legs out the door. At this point I should also mention that prior to this he had somehow gotten a hold of and eaten some of my running energy beans and was a little hyper.

Anyways, he bolts out the door and takes off in a sprint, with blinders on both his eyes and his ears (as if he was in his own little world). My Aunt and I take off after him trying everything to get him to stop and catch him. He is running straight towards the busy highway after dark. It is only by God’s grace that he decides to take a left by the mechanics shop instead of straight. Otherwise he might have more than just a broken ear L

Shortened story (because I know this post is getting a tad long and no pictures for the short attention span readers) we catch him, and he is in major trouble. In the process of chasing after him I was barefoot and was running ultimately was running over rocks and glass. Thankfully I didn’t cut my feet on the glass however I did deep bruise on my foot.

This was directly after the wisdom teeth removal and after my knees had finally healed.

Moral of the story have shoes at the ready because you never know when you are going to have to sprint out the door…or don’t let your dog get into your energy beans,  or five million other things.

  1. Stay out late the night before a race

One thing you don’t want to do before a race is stay out late the night before. You are already going to have to get up early, but you want as much (and consistent) sleep to be well rested before the big day.

Ordinarily this isn’t a problem for me. On a usual night I’m in bed by 9:45 at the absolutely latest and currently ranges between 8:45-9:30 (with an outlier Friday or Sat to maybe 10:30). I know I’ve become an old lady.

However the night before my race was not an ordinary day. First of all I flew up north to Indianapolis to visit one of my best friends from undergrad whom I had not seen in over a year, and secondly it was Halloween. Of course for Halloween we wanted to go out. We both had  costumes (I was the Tardis from Doctor Who, and she was The Queen of Hearts) and wanted to do something because it was Halloween.  After getting lost (given the wrong address) we finally made it to one of her co-worker’s brother’s house party.  We finally got back to her apartment and in bed at 1am.  A time that I haven’t seen in ages.

Did I have fun? Of course I did! But considering that we had to get up around 5:30 going to bed at 1:00 isn’t the smartest of choices.

13.1 miles is a feat and requires training (serious) and hopefully you didn’t/don’t commit some of the training faux paus (although #3 most likely won’t happen to you) that I committed.

My name is Holley and my ½ marathon training failed, but my race didn’t.


Long Slow Burn

4 Jan

Ok so I slightly lied a bit. I told you that today would be a long post but its not because I’m too tired to do anything. Lol

Why am I tired you ask? I ran close to 25 miles today ( and feeling every bit of it)!

So once I recover some tomorrow ill give a better recap.

My name is Holley and boy am I tired!!

Milestones of Epic Proportions.

24 Aug

So today was my Sat. long run with my Galloway group and today I ran the farthest I have ever run in my entire life! 

There were a few different results from everyone’s gps (I think because some started it during the warm up and others after) but today I ran 6.81 miles! This is over 1/2 mile more than the 10k I did in March/April (can’t remember which) (which was my previous farther distance run).

To put it into perspective I ran 1/2 of a 1/2!! And guess what? I felt great at the end and felt like I could go further.  

I also realized that with school back in session I felt even more accomplished because we finished our run before 8am and well before the rest of the student population rising for the morning. After my run I went and took the boy to the dog park to let him run around before it got to hot out. Come to find out they were holding a thing called “Woofstock” at the park with different vendors and dog adoption things, etc to benefit the local humane society. At it was going to start around the time I was planning on leaving so I took the boy there and looked at the vendors. I found one that nice looking dog beds (that fit into dog crates) that I might order for the boy and another boarding place that I may take him to one day.  I also took him by the dog washing station to let him get a bath (he had rolled around in the dirt during his play time) and I don’t think he was to thrilled about that but the girls that were volunteering there (had to have been in middle school I’d say) absolutely loved him.

Then disaster struck.  As I went to leave I got to my car to find that I was blocked in on both ends and could not leave the park and after a nearly 7 mile run and an 1/2 at the park I was just ready to go home (and the boy was worn out as well).  Basically I had to go back and walk to all the booths and ask people if they were driving one of those cars so that I could leave.  There was no real speaker system that reached everyone either and for all I knew those cars could belong to people that were just visiting the park not Woofstock and where walking some of the 3 miles worth of trails at the park. :/  nearly 45 minutes later and no luck.  I decided to walk back to the car and saw a lady backing her car up into a spot. I rushed over and realized that one of the cars had left and got to her before she got out so that she could pull out so I could leave. Victory!!

Also I found by doing everything and going for an early run I apparently start cooking dinner and eat by 4:45, what can I say I’ve been up for a while. lol. 

My name is Holley and I broke a new personal record today.

FMRMC July Challenges

3 Jul

Last week I recieved in my email the challenges for July for the fatty must run marathon challenge.  If your new to my blog and don’t know what this challenge is hop on over to Julie’s blog here to find out more, or check out my old post here.

Who’s interesting in learning what this month’s challenges are?

  • Plank A Day
  • Sign up for a race
  • 5k Run

Let’s start with plank a day, as I mentioned yesterday I hate core work (Even though I know that it is needed) and of course our challenge is a bunch of core work!  I started this on Monday and let me tell you it was a pretty shaky (and pitiful) 20 seconds.  Julie didn’t really give us a particular regime for this challenge just to do it every day and see how much you improve. Well me being me I had to find something that gave me a little more guidence.  So I went to trusty google and found this:

Currently on day 3 and I’m doing my hardest to not even try to think about or look at anything past Day 9.  The mere thought of a 5 minute plank seems impossible so my strategy is to not even think about it and to cross that bridge when I get to day 30 in which I’m sure will be easier then than it is sitting on day 1.

I have been tweeting my planks to #plankaday, Jennifer (one of the wonderful ladies on this journey with me) told us about that and how they have the @plankpolice and if you go without tweeting your plank they will call you out on twitter! I figure that this would be a good motivation to do my planks and hold some accountability to them.

Next up is signing up for a race to do in July or August.  I think this one was geared towards those who haven’t done an official race yet (outside of training).  I will be looking for races to do but with signing up and starting my 1/2 marathon training on Sats. it will be difficult to fit one in.

I did however spend over an hour in bed last night looking up obstacle races in the nearby area.  I don’t think that mud run I was originally going to do this sat is going to workout , but I did find a 10k mud/obstacle run in october that I am definitely going to sign up for and I think I’ve got at least 2 people from church who said that they would be interesting in doing it with me!  There is also a run in September (which they changed this year because it is normally in July) that I have done several times that I would like to do again.

Finally the challenge is to run another timed 5k.  Nothing much to explain here.

I’ve also decided to do the 30 day squat challenge again , I started it yesterday (since there are 31 days in July) and figure it would another good body strength thing to do, I’m going to try and focus on holding the squats longer instead of going down and immediately coming back up.  I also finally remembered to go to the kickboxing class my local running store has on monday nights (I always seem to remember on tuesdays) which are free!! That was alot of fun because I enjoyed taking areobic kickboxing classes in undergrad and missed it (I was going to join a kickboxing gym up here but it is too expensive).  Boy was I all kinds of sore yesterday and could still feel it some today!  I will definetly be going back (as long as I remember to!).

Finally I’ve bought a couple of different running/workout related things over the past couple of days.  One I bought at the running store and two things I just bought online and should hopefully be coming in sometime next week.  Once everything is in I try and use them and then give y’all a review if your interested.  As a newbie to the official running community I love see all these different products more expereinced runners are talking about and reviewing and I can’t wait to find things that work for me.  Most of these products I have never heard about (like 99.95% of them) so I find it interesting to learn about everything and why people use them/ suggest them.  I’ll leave what I bought as a surprise for now (although I’m sure I’ll tweet about them).

P.S. I just realized how much I use (   ) when I blog, I tend to like to explain things (don’t get me started on playing the game of things, thats a whole other story) sorry about that.  You will just have to live through my commentary and all of its quirks.

My name is Holley and it’s time to Plank it Up!

Your a TroubleMaker

2 Jun

Today has pretty much been a trouble kinda day (well not really but kinda, yeah I know thats confusing).  My run today wasn’t horrible but at the same time it wasn’t a whoohoo that was awesome kinda workout. But I reckon we can start from the beginning.

This morning I woke up did my 180 squats and got glammed up for church. Got back and let the pup out where troublemaker #1 reared its head.  The boy found a lizard near the door chased it around managed to chase the lizard right into the apartment!   I went to grab a cup and paper to try and trap it so I could let it outside. Meanwhile the pup was chasing it all over the apartment and then managed to grab it in its mouth. He was just playing with it apparently because it was still alive. Then we had about a 10 minute staredown because he wouldn’t listen to me and drop the stupid thing and I wasn’t about to try and pry it from his mouth. So then I managed to get him to come outside where we had another 5-10 minutes where he was just walking around with it in his mouth.  He finally dropped it but as I went to try and drag him away he grabbed it again.  So I let him walk around where he dropped it (at this point it was angry and was trying to bite him) and started to play with it. I managed to sneak around behind him where I was able to drag him away and take him inside.

Later I was getting a list together to get groceries and it started raining.  I checked the weather and was resolved that today’s run was going to be wet. Went to the store, came back and then it stopped raining.  It was cool for a little bit but then I went outside and of course it was blazing hot again.

It looked like it was going to rain later so I figured I would go a little earlier to run just in case.

Let me just say upfront that the one thing I learned today is that I need to have a plan before I go on a run or else I can talk myself out of doing anything.

I’ve also decided that I’ve been watching way too much Supernatural. As I started on my run I glanced over and thought I saw a guy with a knife sticking out of his chest.  I look again and he is just holding a kindle or an iPad next to him, standing by one one of the apartment doors (which initself was a little odd).

I added a few new songs to my iPhone (I have plenty on my “old-school” iPod but its an older generation that would not support the app I use to track my runs), because as much as I love Imagine Dragons and Phillip Phillips I needed a little bit of a change to my running tunes (I’ve listened to them about a bajillion times on my runs already).

One of the songs that I added was Troublemaker by Olly Murs. Its super catchy and it came on while I was doing my walking warm up. I literally started to dance on my way to the trail and walking with swag. I started this run feeling pretty awesome.  So I go on my run and there is literally not a cloud in the sky (what happened to the supposed rain and thunderstorms huh?) and hot. So I without a plan I ran a mile and went to do my 1/2 mile cool down walk (because 1 mile is the minimum that I had to run for Runstreak). As I am walking I start talking to myself and thinking how could I let this run defeat me like that? I started with swag and the run did not show that at all. So when I finished up my walk I decided to give it another push and ran another 1/2 mile at a hard pace and all out sprinted the last 1/10 of a mile. This was at a hard and heavy pace and I felt good for pushing myself to do that extra distance.  I then ended my workout by walking about another mile. As I was walking back my stomach starting bothering me and I almost ran the rest of the way home just to make it to the bathroom.  Its probably for the best I didn’t go for a longer run.

As a reward for pushing through the run I made myself a healthy (at least I’m pretty sure its healthy) smoothie made with a banana, almond milk. ice and a touch of honey (delish!!!).

This rounded it out to just over 1 1/2 miles run and 1 1/2 miles walked. While I wished I could have done more this past week I’ve heard that you don’t want to add more than 10% a week to your run totals to avoid injury. So far I think I am starting off at a good base to which I can build up on.

I forgot to add that one of my actual running shoes has gone missing lately.  I think it might be somewhere under the pile of stuff in my room which as I mentioned I have started cleaning through.  Hopefully when I finish cleaning I will find it else the pup might have done something with it. Luckily I do have a back up pair of old tennis shoes (but I love my new ones which I only got in April and actually went to a running store to get fitted for them) that I can make do with.  As a result though yesterday I blisters on 6 of my toes from running!

Sorry for this long and drawn out post (once I get going It just hard to stop). I still have a million thoughts in my brain that I wanted to write out but for your sake and the fact that I got distracted by a phone call with my padre I’ll spare you.

For make it this far in my post here’s a pic of the pup sleeping next to me on the couch last night (as I was you guessed it watching Supernatural).



And here’s a pic of me in my car right before leaving church (yes I snagged it from SnapChat as I didn’t get a chance to take an actual pic)


My name is Holley and I’m really sorry for making  you go through and read all of this.