My Own Private Dance Party

27 Jun

First things first, don’t forget to vote which workout challenge you think I should on Sunday!

For today thunder, rain and lightning ment another indoor jog today.  I also just found out that Nike+ had an indoor tracker so I was actually avle to track the distance I had run inside instead of just running for a long time and and then taking the minimum amount of distance that I had run. So today I did just over a mile.

Also have been watching youtube videos on repeat all evening and had my own little dance party/zumba party in my apartment.  The boy definitely thought I was crazy.

One song that I have played like 20 times tonight is Acapella by Karmin. Here is the link to the video on youtube.

It’s only a lyric video but I think its the best lyric video I’ve seen and should be the actual video. I danced like crazy to it so that was for sure some of a work out, in fact as I writing this now I’ve been having the song on repeat playing. lol I am definitely going to be adding this song to my running playlist (that is if I can stop dancing long enough to actually run!)

Had a little frog scare earlier in the apartment. This huge frog/toad/monster snuck into the apartment when I let the boy out on his tether so that he could go potty.  It hopped over and hid on the tv stand where I couldn’t see it.  Thankfully the boy didn’t see it or it could have been crazy, but I still wasn’t fond of having a frog lurking in my apartment.  Who knows where it could’ve turned up or I didn’t want to deal with a dead frog.  Later on it made a break for it but thankfully the boy tried to play with it but was easy on it so I was able to distract him long enough to push the frog (it was reluctant) out the back door. Bullet dodged there!

My name is Holley and my party of 1 dance parties are awesome.



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